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  • Hey there! Welcome to the forums. (obviously,) It's nice to see another new member out here!
    There's some common between us. :D
    I can't live without music too, I'm one of those people who like good music, no matter the genre, but I especially like flamenco, jazz, blues, irish folk, reggae, ska, some kinds of rock and metal :P
    I also learn guitar for more than a year and I'm planning on learning more instruments as soon as I master the guitar.
    I also love art, drawing, sculpturing etc, its in me, when I have a good idea I sit for hours and days and even weeks, depends on how much it takes.
    I, like you really like nature, me and my family travel all the time and I've learned to love nature. I really cares for it, for an example, I have a friend who likes to throw things on the ground, once on a trip I followed him the whole trip and put every trash we threw in my bag, gross, but I really care.
    And I dream all the time too, in classes, at home, in the shower, everywhere! But I can go back really fast and concentrate if I want.
    I love ocean, I go sailing every saturday and I'm planning on getting my own boat.
    Loooooooooooooooooooooooong message :D
    We have been seeing loads of butterflies!:D Which is odd because they usually don't come around until the summer.
    Yeah, well it is Spring here now, the sun is out but the rain comes in random belts.
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