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What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?


Jul 1, 2012
Another simple thread! Just post what you did today....

It can be just lazing around to climbing Mt Everest :P Saturday day for me is usually a golf day but due to it being winter and all its just been a nice relaxing stay in bed and watch sports day :)
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Dec 3, 2008
I woke up around 7:00 AM and went out and did some grocery shopping. Then I went to a thrift store and got myself a sexy IBM Model M keyboard and a nice sweater. After that, I came home and spent the last hour or so making some soup. Now I'm enjoying a sandwich for lunch while watching anime.


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
I woke up around 7AM. I played some Brawl for about an hour and then I went on ZD. I made some coffee and started playing Walking Dead on my Xbox 360. I was going to play Skyrim but then I noticed I had to download Dawnguard again so I went back on ZD. I am currently posting in this thread.


birb overlord
Sep 16, 2011
I got up at about 10:00 AM, then I went to Best Buy with my parents to buy a new TV. I looked around at some games and DVDs, but they were all expensive, so I didn't buy anything. When I got home I made a sandwich and got myself some ice cream. Now I'm eating my lunch/breakfast while watching Adventure Time. After that I think I'm going to draw some Adventure Time fanart since I haven't drawn Finn in awhile... I'll probably take a 3 hour or so nap then. I dunno what I'll do after that...


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
Woke up.
Got my computer.
Went back to bed.
Shampoo Shampoo Rinse Rinse Taco Taco Wash Wash Tosh Tosh Tick Tok'd.
Posted in this thread.

Twas a long day.


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
Got up and played pkmn Emerald and swore at the Gym leaders.
Tested my new Sonic
Ate breakfast
Finished "Monument 14"
Watched Youtube on my Wii
Got dressed
Put music on
Tried to figure oit how to wear my 12 foot Doctor Who scarf
Watched youtube
Posted this.

Azure Sage

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Let's go over what I've done so far today...

- woke up and took a shower
- helped my dad move an old couch out to the side of the street for the garbage truck to pick up
- ate cereal
- came back up to my room and browsed ZD while playing music on my stereo
- began to squeal like a little girl once I noticed it was snowing outside
- took a nap
- played Sonic: Unleashed for two hours
- went downstairs to make lunch
- put a package of 16 scallops wrapped in bacon in my fridge to thaw
- went back upstairs to my room and once again played music on my stereo while browsing ZD, this time while waiting for my lunch to thaw (this is what I am currently doing)

That's all I've done today so far.


shoegaze girl
Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
Well, today I...

1. Woke up.
2. Watched some YouTube on my phone before
3. going upstairs to eat breakfast, and then
4. going back downstairs to continue watching YouTube videos, and then
5. derping around on Facebook a bit.
6. At some point in time, I came upstairs and got on my computer to
7. browse ZD,
8. listen to a freaking TON of Radiohead (which I'm still doing),
9. do some German work for school, and
10. watch even moar YouTube and
11. continue Facebook derping.

And that's a relatively lazy Saturday for me in a nutshell.

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