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  • Hey Maria. I see you've been logging on again lately. How are you? Are you playing TotK? Curious what you think. I haven't seen you since your Pokémon streams a year or two back.
    I am playing TotK, it's also getting close to the time of year for Marathon, Idk if that is happening this year, but I keep checking back for both those reasons.
    It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but it's even harder to give up when you know it's everything you want.

    Rain, Sunshine, and Rainbow~

    *Hugs you* Btw, I'm sorry if I may have upset you, see you when I see you. *Runs before he can get kicked*
    Huh, I was expecting you to already be asleep...shows how much I know.

    Edit: Oh well though, I imagine you'll be going to sleep soon regardless, so this VM is kind of illogical. I'd delete it, but then you'd likely wonder what the hell it said and bleah -,-
    From my experience whenever AR stops working it stays that way, so I'm sorry, I likely won't be able to help you as much now and as such we likely won't be chatting as much either. I mean, Pokemon related stuff was the best topic we had so...yeah :/

    Ah, I can give you back Shedinja now though if you want.

    EDIT: Eh, gonna just assume you passed out, so have a peaceful night. We'll chat more tomorrow I guess...about something.
    Well, Shedinja is done spare for IVs because AR is dysfunctional...I don't even know about Joltik though.
    I'm back and feeling refreshed, also gonna be on Wii U for the rest of the night as well, so whenever you wanna start just tell me.
    Hello. I'm Furie, Vain's long lost *******, returned from a grand and marvelous adventure. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.
    Poor Miss Vanity, you've been sick for nearly a whole week now, gotta get better eventually. Ah, I have a feeling that today is gonna drag on, there are things I should do that I'm not interested in doing really. Just wanna stay in bed and be warm all day, you seem to do that a lot yourself...
    That's not very cool...I would actually likely be able to get a ride to hang out with you someday considering you live in London which is a 2 hour drive from my town, but if you aren't interested then I wouldn't bother of course, still really wish I could help you with things like that though. If you're sick and have to get those things yourself you could possibly just collapse due to how stressed out your body is, that would really suck, but whatever I guess.
    Your mom ignores you when you're sick, for reals? That's not cool...is she just really busy all the time or something >,>

    Edit: Uhhh...just gonna assume you passed out, so have a good night, we'll likely just talk more tomorrow
    Kay, so what were we even talking about, last I recall I went to shower and you went to watch some show you hated...I would chat with you about stuff in the SB, but it's kind of a mess of different things right now, so meh.

    Oh, but if you decided to go to bed and I just didn't see your message about it because I was being rushed to get off the computer, then I hope you have a nice night :>
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