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Things in Zelda That Seem Normal but Would Be Weird if You Saw It in Real Life.


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Apr 5, 2012
Mountain Village
Middle-Aged Mapseller?

Lol. Got to love Tingle! But I would say walking into a graveyard with actual ghosts. pretty normal in game. Adn entering a dark house that is hard to see in and looks like its been abandoned for years only to step forward and find a giant friendly spider drop from the cieling. Normal for me in the game anyways. Not normal if I went to deliver cookies to a neighbors though. Not at all.
Apr 3, 2012
Going to the bathroom with your pants on. A hand sticking out of the toilet asking for paper. Cutting grass and it giving you money. Finding money in pots. Breaking and entering. A thirty-five year old man who wants to be a fairy (though, I'm sure there are some in the world...).


Getting hit by a giant boss and loosing half a heart. The fact that you have a life gauge, but that's all video games. Bosses that seem absolutely fine until you stab them one more time at which point they die. A crab with eyes in his hands?
Apr 7, 2012
when he slahes around all the time. when he destroys jars and stuff. When he gets an arsenal of cuckoos after him. When he rolls into trees.


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Jan 29, 2011
Well there are several things, like: changing your from by a mask, seeing cute and cuddly cats turn into devils at night, seeing any kind of monsters in general, picking up an exploding plant, meeting fish people, metting rock people, meeting wood people, there are all kinds of things. ^^ Yeah, a lot of fictional things would freak me out.
Apr 6, 2012
Every time I kill a spider (or another monster) there appears a chest with money or some random keys in it, never happened to you? :bleh:
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