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Rate the Title


Dec 7, 2009
Inside my personal pot, killing some bugs.
(I've got inspired with the other "rating" games, so I'll start this one.)

In this game, you have to give a score between "0/10" and "10/10" to the title of the user above you. It's pretty simple.

But since there's no member above me, it's your turn!
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Dank meme connoisseur
Nov 27, 2010
Duh! I'm an assassi- Nevermind. I didn't say anything.

7/10, it makes sense, but doesn't have much of a ring to it.

Hawk the Warior

Knight of The Twilight
Dec 10, 2010
The computer
8/10, as it is funny and invisible! Plus chinese, but I had to go look it up, so I woun't rate that. It's still a cool idea. Fine, 9/10, happy?

P.S. I'm not (very) insane, at least I think I'm not.

When my psyciatrist went insane,
Not all my multipule personalitys were cured.
The rest of us want our money back.


Feb 25, 2010
What do you mean, caeda? You were suppost to rate Hawk the warriors, and If you ever post again whoever posted right before you. Anyway, oyur's is nice, but I think its from fire emblem(based off of you avaatr and sig) and I don't know much about it. 8/10

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