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Link Able to Walk the Overworld?

Oct 28, 2009
I know it's extremely unlikely, but I was on GoNintendo, and they had an update showing the Japanese teaser site for ST. When I went there, I noticed this picture of the game:


Notice how the location Link is headed to is the forest? And then notice how the tracks stop randomly in the middle of the forest? Maybe certain sections (such as the forest) will be explorable by foot, while others will be train travel?

It appears to be fairly early in the game, so I doubt the track was drawn, due to Nintendo saying you can draw your tracks later in the game. Also, notice the tower is now located on the map in the very top right corner. Just a little thing I noticed.


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Oct 18, 2007
Where it stops in the middle of the forest maybe a train station or a platform you can stop at. It's been confirmed you CAN make your own train tracks some partway through the game.

And the tower you see is the ST European box art.
Oct 28, 2009
I know you can make your own tracks partway through the game, I said that. My point was I doubt the tracks were drawn due to the screen shot looking it like it was fairly early in the game. Also, I know the tower can be seen in the box art, it was just a little thing I noticed that had no importance at all.

Other things I noticed were the land Link is in is no longer surrounded by water on all sides, like it was in the E3 demo and trailer, the map has locations that were previously not present in the E3 trailer, and the train now has red hearts instead of green hearts.

It could very well be a train station in the middle of the forest since some islands in PH were not seen on the map in the beginning of the game, and you had to get near them to have them labeled on your map. It's just my wishful thinking that Link can walk the overworld, even though it's doubtful.


Jul 15, 2009
Heh, awesome! It seems they've made quite a few changes... and WOOT no/little sea. :)

But I think it might just be that you have to lay more tracks to get there... at last a reasonable excuse for not being able to access some areas...
But still, we can't call anything impossible now, and it would be pretty awesome... But I see where you're coming from; I mean, you could technically explore the overworld in PH once you landed on an island, you weren't just confined to dungeons... so it is actually relatively likely something like that could be in place in ST, where you get to explore smaller sections (like the forest)... that would be cool.

And I wonder if some of those other icons are stations/destinations... does that mean multiple towns again! :D
Nov 26, 2008
Oh yes, I definitely think there will be portions where you roam on foot, other than dungeons, I mean. I would be extremely surprised and disappointed if there weren't.

I agree with Judai that it's likely a train station of sorts for you to get off at.

But the real question is... will we be able to roam the field on foot? That's an interesting thought, eh? If this game is going to be much like Phantom Hourglass, then probably not, but it's a little different from last time in that the world is a field, not sea.

I still kinda doubt we'll be able to traverse it on foot. -.-
Jan 19, 2009
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I think there may be one part. In the new trailer, we saw the tracks dissapear, and the train crashed. If there would be no tracks for this part of the game, than it may be the only time when u actually travel by foot.


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Mar 30, 2009
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Well, in newer screenshots it revealed that there are tracks in the forest, they just are only accesible once you do parts of the Tower of Spirits, same basic thing as the temple of the ocean king.


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Oct 4, 2009
What I think it is, is that where it stops is a town or something just like the isles in PH where you will be able to walk.

So what it is, it will be like PH. You can walk on towns (islands) and stuff, but not in the overworld.

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Jul 9, 2009
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Maybe it is just were you go into the forest or it's just another station that you stop at then get off and travel the rest of the way on foot because it is to dense for the train or it is the entrance to the first dungeon or just one of the temples. Who knows maybe it is just a part where you enter the forest and you are going into a cutscene, it is very difficult to decide.:nerd::tired:


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Jun 8, 2009
I believe the tower appears in the top right corner now because this section of the map is actually the bottom left portion of the map, like in PH how there were four sections of the sea. they may use the same set up where the overworld is traveled by train and then some areas like the islands will be explorable by foot. I cant say that for sure but upon comparing the map from the beginning of the trailer and this map it all makes sense. I dont believe that the overworld will be walkable which is a shame but like ph there is an extent to where the game will allow you to go.


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Sep 3, 2009
I don't think the overworld will allow foot travel. Towns and specific areas may, but it will most likely be like Phantom Hourglass and require train travel to get anywhere. In otherwords, you're basically using the same principle, just with land instead of water, and you don't really get as much freedom since you have to follow tracks. Even with the ability to draw your own, it will still be incredibly confining, as there are more hazards on land for Link to run into than at sea. It's really looking to be somewhat repetitive and altogether rehashed. I'm really more excited for Zelda Wii 2010.

What they need to do is look at the other portable titles and say "Hey! Those were pretty damn good! Let's give the player FREE ROAM to walk around the overworld!"

The main problem I have with this is the fact that it feels too much like AoL. Yes, AoL was decent, but it's just not a true Zelda experience.
I probably just confused some people. What I mean by this is that it feels like AoL because you have to enter towns from an overworld. Yes, the 3D platform games used this as well, but they had to account for loading times and such. Minish Cap also had this, but the town was still a part of the overworld. You still had free roam to do as you pleased.

I hope they aren't going to continue this trend, really. Soon, the console games will fall into the same trap. The Wind Waker already came close with its sailing, although it managed to hold onto that last bit of free roaming goodness.

Zelda's future looks bleak...

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