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  • LOOOOOOOOOL at all the birthday wishes. I haven't posted on ZD in nearly a year!
    Happy birthday! :D Hope you save me a slice of cake, yumm! ^^
    matrix is freakin awesome man you should add me and make a matrix group thad be sweet!!!!!!!!!! :) :):)
    I still don't understand on how to become affliates with Zelda Wiki. Do I just add it on my affliates list or something?
    Hey do you know where the Zelda Wiki Forum is? I have the banner but I don't know where it is.
    Sorry for the really late reply, but Nepolink is just my own creation of Toon Link. Inspired from Dark Toon Link from SSBB. But i add my own styl and all, named it Nepolink. Now it's my head character everywhere. XD
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