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Left-Handed Option? Should There Be One...

Left-handed Option? Should there be one...

  • Nah, it'd be difficult/expensive to make two versions

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  • It doesn't really matter, either way

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  • Yes! How will the lefties play it without it?

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I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
This is disappointing news. I hope it is not true, and think it will be just pure laziness not to add that feature. Just mirror everything for the left handed people. Simple.


Aug 29, 2010
Hey, I have an idea, people say (and Nintendo) that if it would have a left/right handed option, it would have to be mirrored. But what about just mirroring Link? that's really simple right??? Instead of switching the entire game, all they have to do is switch Link! It's that simple!
Jan 31, 2010
I think it'd be good to add a left handed feature. I'm right handed, but I'd still play left handed Link just for the sake of tradition because I'm that much of a crazy fan. I also didn't think programing a left hand option for Link would be that hard, but since Aonuma said it, who am I to disagree?

And I got impressed: I didn't know it was THAT hard for you left guys to play with your right hands. Guess I should try to play with my left hand for once. :yes:
Jun 14, 2010
New York
I do think it's easier for a lefty to play right-handed than a righty to play left-handed (as someone mentioned earlier, how often do righties really have to use their left hand?). And I'm a bit of a left-handed freak; I do use the nunchuck in my right hand and have no problem with the analogue stick. Who knows.

Any other game I wouldn't be bothered by it, but Link is supposed to be a lefty. He's part of our elite little circle :P
Jun 17, 2010
Gerudo Fortress
I am actually really glad!!! They switched him to become a righty!! It saves me the trouble in having to use my left hand.... Sorry for all the leftys out there!!

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
I like Link left-handed, but having him right-handedis okay with me. I'm right-handed, and I feel the actions were smooth in TP, and even my friend didn't notice that Link was right-handed but he was a lefty. I know a lot of people that were left-handed and played TP, but didn't have any disconnection from the controls. But then again... that was TP. Skyward Sword is a different story.


Most Uncreatively Named
Jan 24, 2010
And I got impressed: I didn't know it was THAT hard for you left guys to play with your right hands.

It's not, at least for me. I play with the Wiimote in my left hand and the Nunchuk in my right. It's really not that all that difficult to make the switch.

Yeah, it'd be nice to have the option in SS, with the 1:1 controls and everything, but I'll manage.


Aug 7, 2010
4 me its like near impossible to play righty style. Having no lefty option may even make it to where i don't even buy the game.


Eating Link since 1987
Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
Though I'm not left-handed, I'm questioning the fact that there won't be a left-handed option. Is Nintendo alienating lefties? Makes you wonder... o_O


I am a lefty myself and this annoys me I have wii sports resort and intended to start practising right handed I Just hope there will be a classic or gamecube controller option and be able to play like OoT or TWW


I'm not left handed so it doesn't really matter to me but it really doesn't make any sense that they wouldn't have an option.


Skyward Sword Link Right-handed Only?

From what i've heard about skyward sword is that Link is only right-handed if ths is true then i will not be able to play. I started playing LoZ becuse i'm Left-handed and so was Link. This is not a big deal to right-handed people but it bugs me becuse I can't play the game now. If any one could tell me if there is a lefty mode then plz reply
May 8, 2010
Eagle River, Alaska
There will not be a lefty mode because it would delay the production. They would have to create two seperate models for Link to accomodate lefties and righties, along with the same animations, but flipped. Nintendo thought that it would just hinder the production of the game, so they decided not to make a lefty mode.


The New Guy
Aug 22, 2010
I made a post just like this a while back. there won't be a left-hand option which sucks for me as well, and it is kinda annoying that right handed people don't understand how hard it is for a lefty to switch.
I recommend that you start playing other Wii games right-handed, that way you will be more prepared to play SS when it's released (which is a while). It worked for me, now I can play almost just as good with my right as I can with my left hand.

Sgt. Backwash

Jan 3, 2011
I started playing LoZ becuse i'm Left-handed and so was Link. This is not a big deal to right-handed people but it bugs me because I can't play the game now.
Forgive me if I sound thick for not being able to empathize, but this is kind of baffling to me. Who plays a game based on which hand the main character is more dexterous with?

And why does being a lefty mean you can't play? Yes, this question is coming from a righty, but every left-handed person I know who plays Wii games holds the remote in their right hand, and the nunchuck in their left. Doesn't it feel more natural to have the analog stick in your left hand like basically every other videogame controller ever?

I could understand if this were a DS game with no lefty option, but I don't think you should have any problems. It's not like you're going to have to sign your name or make extremely precise and complicated motions; all you need to do is wave the remote around here and there. Even I could do that with my left hand if I had to.

This shouldn't be an issue. I'm sure that when you finally play the game you'll be able to get used to it quickly. Don't sweat it.

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