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  • hey! thanks for the comment you made in my thread,
    best thing I've heard in a while :)
    Yes, it is a game called Super Princess Peach were Mario is captured after Bowser aquaires a powerful item. Peach who ws away at the invasion decided to go and save the day. It will probably not happen for Zelda because the Zelda Series is less flexable than the Mario Series. For more information on the game, click here.
    {QUOTE}I think Nintendo is really under-utilizing Zelda as a character. Think of all the spin-offs from the Mario universe: Luigi has his own games, Yoshi has is own games, Wario has his own games...I could be missing something...but regardless, Zelda really deserves her own game!{/QUOTE}
    Hello, you are talking about a princess having her own game. Her name starts with a pea, and ends with a ch. XD Sorry, I wanted to say that. But even a freak like peach has her own game. I think we should get something like Kirby Super Star (Ultra), except, each minigame is a different character in zelda.
    Hey, sorry if I came off as a complete jerk in your thread. Looking back, I think I was a bit too harsh with the "I feel sorry for you" comment, which is what probably sparked the whole thing.

    I just tend to get a little eager when a good argument comes up. I use to get into those really often until most of the guys left, and I guess I'm just kind of itching for a fight now so I can get that old feeling back
    If anyone else is interested (@GerudoRose, I sent you a long explanation of what hard SF is and why I like it) I highly recommend the short story anthology The Hard Science Fiction Renaissance.

    Mostly I like SF that is more grounded in realistic science and less like fantasy or cheezy stuff that has themes similar to comic books. That said some of the stuff I like might be classified as soft SF. Some other SF I recommend:

    The Mars Trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars) by Kim Stanley Robinson
    A Fire Upon the Deep and A Deepness Upon the Sky by Vernor Vinge
    Almost anything by Dan Simmons. Hyperion is a good place to start

    (Indeed, some people would call all of those soft SF, and Dan Simmons certainly is...while Kim Stanley Robinson's work is more "hard")

    Feel free to let me know about anything you recommend!
    what do you mean Hard science fiction? I love that genre but never heard a hard sy/fy?
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