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    Look! lots of Doctor smileys! :D
    Haha. I know that feeling join here
    oddballgamers.freeforums.org • Portal
    Welcome new mod
    You're at your moms for more than just a weekend?

    Darn. Atleast try and get on ZD once in awhile, since its the only way I have to contact you with other than my phone.
    You got banned for 4 years?!? XD I saw all those silly topics you guys made... I was thinking "What are they up to? These topics are crazy!"
    Cool. What's a proxy? (And how do I use it?)
    You my friend and magatha are always welcome to be my mods if you wish to be.. But i still need to do the surfing I might just get vbulletin and pay for it but i am still looking
    I know and i wanted it to be more cooler but the company closed their business but i might create a new website if you wish to join... This is when i get the best deal for a web host that has cool options like A shoutbox and such
    You were a moderator on my old website. And Magatha friend and mine to of course
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