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  • Ohmigod.

    It gets so much better. You just wait until you return to the human kids--it gets AMAZING.

    Who's your favorite character so far? Personally, I like John and Vriska. Jack Noir gets seriously cool, too, especially once Jade prototypes her sprite.
    Mine, too. Life is good.

    Yes, I am a friend of Atsie's. :D

    Um, books? Lately, mostly Mark of Athena and Reached, with some of the Inheritance Cycle and various Newberry Medal winners. As for webcomics... it's all Homestuck here. Homestuck homestuck aaaagh yes.
    Oh, hello Magatha! Are you new here? It's a pleasure to meet you, too.

    EDT: Um, I checked... no, you're not new. In fact, you've been on a LOT longer than I have. :sweat: Hehe. Pardon my strangeness.
    Theres tons! o.o but you found a fair bit of 'em for facebook last night tooo xD
    6 of them didn't work though D:
    What is a Treble clef? And no, the actual dragir don't have wings. The old ones did, back when I wrote Rise of the Dragir and Survival of the Fittest, but I thought that for these new tales having dragir with wings would make them too overpowered and hard to kill due to their flying ability. So no, Maggie, Dragir have no wings, they only have spiraling dark horns going backwards, and random scales here and there. Feel free to add wings to your version, though, I am sure Magatha would look great with them. :nod:
    That's cool, Maggie. I'm glad to see you here. So, I hope you got my message, and I do hope that you sculpt Magatha, I am dying to see what you come up with.
    Awesome, Maggie. I am glad you had fun. :) And yes, I saw your beautiful sculpeys, you just get better and better. I hope I can help you out with a donation, so I sent you a pm about it. :)
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