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How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

Nov 22, 2011
On the spiral
When I was 3 and my older brother was 5 (in 1997) we got a nintendo 64 with a bunch of games including Oot. We probably played Oot more than any other game except maybe Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart. I don't remember if we ever beat it though. Then we bought MM when it came out and played the heck out of that; don't think we beat that either.

Once the gamecube and playstation 2 came out we bought those. I rented WW when it came out because my parents didn't want to spend more money on games. I probably didn't buy it until 2006.Then I got a Wii for Christmas of 2006 and got Twilight Princess. What's funny is that my mom didn't know that my dad had gotten us a Wii so she bought me Twilight Princess for the gamecube. I played and beat the gamecube version first because I didn't really like the Wii all that much when we first got it Then I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas of 2007 and played that for like 2 years without playing very much zelda at all.

This is where my realization for my love for zelda started. After playing all of my xbox 360 games I decided that I needed a break from all the super realistic games so I decided to play zelda again. Ironically I chose to play Twilight Princess on the Wii. I played through the whole game without playing anything else. I loved it. I was finally old enough to understand the story and actually think about the puzzles. Then I played through WW next, beating it in a few days. Next I played through Ocarina of Time (gamecube Collector's Edition version) and beat it. Majora's Mask (gamecube Collector's Edition version) came next, after beating it I had decided that this was my favorite zelda game. Ever since then I have been playing zelda non-stop; so much so that at any given time there is at least one zelda game in progress. I got Skyward Sword last Christmas and played it, but I had to stop in the middle of it because my brother and I switch between the Wii and the Xbox 360 every couple of months. When I got the Wii back I played through SS without stopping.

Two days ago I bought a Nintendo 64, now I can play Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask in their original forms, I'm so excited.

I plan on eventually owning every zelda game in their original versions.


The Dutch Kusagari
Oct 17, 2007
The Netherlands
I was on a flea market in Belgium when I saw OoT and MM at one of those more organized game sellers. I had my N64 for half a year and I could remember a small article about OoT in a computer/games magazine for kids (compukids, sadly not existing anymore). So I convinced my parents, I wanted to buy the game which was in fact my first purchase in Euros. One of the best game purchases I ever made even though I barely understood the english text in the game (especially the deku tree with his old english words >.<).
Jun 12, 2012
My uncle was a big fan of Zelda and so were my cousins. I saw my Cousin playing Link's Awakening on his Game Boy(original) then I played and loved it. Then my grandparents bought a NES at a garage sale with alot of other Nintendo games and LoZ was in there and my uncle helped me get to the first dungeon and I was hooked completely from that point on.


The Hero Of Ordon
Jun 25, 2012
On My Couch Playing Smash
This will take long so 1. I read manta and found the legend of zelda ones and loved them.
2. I bought links crossbow training(which I suck at) and twilight princess.
3. Found zeldadungeon and beat the third dungeon.
4. Watched walkthroughs for the original,Aol,oot, and mm.
5. Played minish cap,four swords gameboy, a link to the past but have barely started them and then lost them :(
6. Became completely obsessed with zelda.
So there ya have it!
Jun 13, 2014
I actually have two introductions, hence my user name. First, I was 12 in 1985 when my neighbor got an NES and eventually the original Legend of Zelda, with the full fold out map to look at. I wasn't the best at it, but we had a lot of fun. He never did get the second game, and moved away a few years after that. I never had an NES, and didn't play an SNES until around 1994 when I started dating my now wife, as her family had one. They did not have any Zelda games either. Since I studied Computer Science in college, I played more games on a computer and had little interest in the consoles. I've barely touched an N64. Once my daughters started getting older, we rediscovered my wife's SNES and that led to us getting a Gamecube. Still no Zelda yet. Not until we got them each a DS. They were the special themed ones, one got a Nintendogs one with a paw print on it, and the other got the one that came with Phantom Hourglass and the tri-force emblem on the DS. That is where I started playing Phantom Hourglass because I remembered how much I enjoyed the original Zelda. I enjoyed that game so much I started looking for other older games. So Phantom Hourglass was my second introduction that really got me into the games. I've spent the last 4 years working my way through all the older games when not playing new ones, mostly through getting used Gamecube games or dowloading through the WII. I am playing Four Swords on my 3DS right now. After that, I have only Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, and Minish Cap. Minish Cap I might be able to find at a used game store nearby, and Link's Awakening I can download through the 3DS. I really hope they release the Oracle games on the 3DS for download, as I don't plan on trying to get a Game Boy Color to play them, and those would be the only two left.

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