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  • Okadoke. ;) By the way, I'm gonna make a character of my own along with being Lindsey. :3 I'll go post it!
    See ya. ;> Hrmm, I dislike Pokemon. XD Although the reason for that is because I liked the old TV show and then they kind of ruined my love for Pokemon with the new stuff. :p But I'd play the RP because it never hurts to try new stuff. :bleh:
    Hrumm, just an idea, I don't have much of a way to connect. :p

    Hrmm, we could combine games with the Lindsey idea, like instead of having different rps for different games, we combine them all. Each RPer chan choose a game to combine and pick a character from that game or make their own. :3 Er... That may get too chaotic. Yes... Yes we likes that idea, right my precious? We likes it... SURE! First game can be...
    :lol: Hrumm... (I had to change my Hrmm to Hrumm because Az stole my Hrmm :dry: ) We could do an RP where the ruler of the realm is seeking worthy knights to fight for his cause. His cause is to retreave pieces of a crown that was broken and stolen by necromancers. The adventurers (RPers) take on this quest, starting their own way off by getting a letter or whatever they want, and then the quest begins.

    I got this idea from a PC game I played a while back: Rage of Mages. :bleh:

    And then Lindsey Stirling comes in and destroyes them all!
    Haha, yes I'm limited to certain games too. Like I can't play Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass, or any other DS games. :kawaii:

    Sure! Haha, yes we kidnap Lindse, make her play music! >;D Hrmm... Well what are ya into Hylian? What Genres do you like?
    :lol: I already have KH 2 and 1. Oh and I have a Gameboy Advanced so I have KH Chain of Memories. :bleh: (yesh I do ;>)
    Well there are lots of kinds of dice, there's a D20 (D just for dice), D6, D8, D10, D12, and D4. For certain things you roll a certain number of one or two kinds of dice. It sounds complicated to tell which dice to roll for what, but it's pretty simple when you get used to it; and you do get used to it pretty fast. :bleh: The dungeon master will roll the dice sometimes, and the players will also roll for their stuff. For example of using the dice in battle:

    Player 1: "I'd like to hit that Goblin in front of me" (*note: the player's character must be adjacent to the creature in order to attack. Some DMs use small figurines to get the visual of where the characters are, but others prefer to use their imagination)

    DM: "Roll the D20 then."

    Player 1: (it all depends on the armor class of the creature and your weapon, although weapons are not taken into account in beginner D&D. Let's say this Goblin has an AC of 7, so the player would probably need a 12 and up to hit. And then the player rolls for the damage dealt if they hit, so a D6 is the basic and most common one I know, but other classes of characters use different dice for damage.)
    Neverwinter Nights is probably what it's actually called, I get mixed up. :bleh: D&D is a table-top game, where you roll dice to see what happens in battle and stuff. There's a Dungeon Master who controlls everything, and takes the players on the adventures. The players make the decisions as to what they will do. It's a lot of fun, my family and I play it often.
    Nope, I don't play on minecraft servers. :\ NK is a CD, and you can buy it on Amazon. Although I'm not sure what the cost is, it's probably within $20 though.
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