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General Feelings on Rocks

Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
I Love rocks. Especially this big chuck of rock floating in space. I like the one that orbits this one as well. ^^
I Like Sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks.
I Like skipping stones, throwing rocks, shiny rocks, useful rocks, rolling rocks, and sandpaper.
I like all rocks from boulders to pebbles.

I Like flint especially. I know how to make fire with it. ^^


Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
Oh I love rocks!! I think they are really very interesting. Especially those giant rocks and it makes you wonder how on earth it could get a shape like many of them have. Of course it is mother nature but still it is interesting to see. We don't have many rocks where I live but when I went to the US on a holiday two years back I really enjoyed what I saw


The Quiet Man
Rocks are beautiful creations of nature that possess the capacity to reach the dark depths of the soul unlike any other thing in the universe. In my eyes, life wouldn't be as exciting without them.

There are the rock formations in valleys, mountains, plains and the like. Always there to accompany those who travel through their vast distances and stop for a minute to marvel at something as simple as a rock, be it a little one that sparkles or an entire formation that blinds the eye.

Basically, they're simple things that not many people enjoy, but the ones who do find unexpected and unusual riches.
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May 9, 2010
I like the hard ones, they're one of the types I would use to throw in ponds, so I can hear that dipping noise
Nov 28, 2011
This is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the strangest forum topic I've ever seen.

On point, I have absolutely zero feelings towards rocks. I mean, they're rocks.


The Cassandra
Site Staff
Nov 29, 2008
Rocks? I love rocks. Whenever I'm on a beach I go rock hunting. This one beach I always scouted for rocks, some kids found some dinosaur fossils at two weeks after I'd been there.
I often got in trouble for having too many rocks. Rocks are awesome. You know that joke about getting rocks for Christmas if you were bad? I asked for rocks. One time I got coal as a joke. Didn't find it that funny. I loved it. That was a cool looking rock. Didn't think coal was that shiny.
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Sep 1, 2010
Rocks are pretty cool. Until last year, I didn't know much about them, but after taking a geology class, I love them! They're so unique, and all the different types are awesome. It's fun to collect them, especially rare rocks. I got to miss a whole day of school to go and look at rocks with my class and my teacher who looked like Kevin James.

godess reborn

Blame The Cricket
Jan 29, 2012
Turn around...
They make excellent slingshot ammo:)
Also, rocks can greatly influence society right under our noses. What are the bulding materials for certain houses and the like? Rocks. What helps us learn more about creatures on Earth from the past? Rocks (or fossils...). What are we all living on? A rock. It really makes me think about the "Small person"- or rock, in this case-"Can make a big difference." saying.
But to me, they will always make excellent slingshot ammo.


Nov 12, 2010
I really have a passion for rocks. Being in Earth/Space Science this year, I'm well-acquainted with geology; I have quite an interest in metamorphic rocks. Despite my interest in geology, there's no doubt that my science teacher has much more of an interest in the subject than myself; for whatever reason, most concepts just can't stick in my head - probably because I'm busy texting in that class. I think I'll address each major class of rocks; Metamorphic, Igneous, and Sedimentary.

Sedimentary is almost like the unwanted one in the family; it seems like nobody really takes much of an interest in them. I suppose I can see why through some people's points of view - it's just a bunch of sediments (as the name states) compressed together into a rock. But people fail to notice the interesting aspects of all of the possibilities this may offer; there's a wide variety of sediments that can come together and make a new rock. Just thinking about the possibilities - the endless combinations - makes me excited. Sometimes I take a few minutes out of my day and think about the coolest-looking sedimentary rock I can think of. Usually people view sedimentary rocks as just sand, but dirt can also be used. See what I mean?

The fact that sedimentary rock can be made so easily is the other thing. Metamorphic or igneous rocks can also later become sedimentary - if the rock is broken up into sediments. Put a little bit of igneous, metamorphic, and some other sediment, and you have one individualized rock right there. And it's not just the substance that can affect it; the quantity can too. Putting more metamorphic rock sediments than sand can have an entirely different effect on the rock's appearance - and as should be obvious - and the general composition. Aren't sedimentary rocks just so exciting?

Then comes igneous rocks - quite the hot topic. There's more to them than just rocks coming from volcanoes; they're rocks that can form entire islands - Hawaii for example. These rocks provide some of the lands that we now live on. If you think about it, this makes volcanoes invaluable, and not just that geographical land form that covered Pompeii in ash. That event definitely blemished the volcano's credibility, but this might just bring them back into the modern world. Just think of what these rocks can do with the world; they'll create island after island, until the entire earth is covered in igneous rock. It will be like Pangaea all over again.

But igneous rocks do more than just take ov- err, make new land forms, they also build upon preexisting ones. Anyone who lives in Hawaii can tell you that constant eruptions have allowed Hawaii to expand slowly but surely. Our continents grow larger with each eruption, whether it's underwater or on land. Just think of what the world will be like millions of years from now. If global warming is legit, then the expanding land will conflict with the melting glaciers, making a proverbial struggle between the two. Doesn't that just sound exciting?

And then we have metamorphic rocks; the butterflies of geology. Once an ugly sedimentary or igneous rock, it's become a beautiful metamorphic rock. As far as I've really seen, they don't contribute much, except be complete and total trolls and just change every now and again. But the methods of how they change? Quite interesting if you ask me. Thinking about the intense heat or pressure that those rocks have to endure to become beautiful...it's really quite touching. It makes you think twice about when you see a girl in pain because she's trying to look beautiful. Just like that girl, those rocks are going through Hell just to become beautiful things.

As should be obvious, I love metamorphic rocks most. I love beautiful things, and those rocks are the super models of geology. They exhibit sheer will and determination to become the best that they can be. For those lesser sedimentary rocks and igneous rocks, it's survival of the fittest. The fittest become the coveted metamorphic rocks. Like all beautiful things, they don't do much; they just keep on being beautiful.

I'd say this wraps up my general feelings on rocks.


Red Hair Wonder
Feb 27, 2012
New Jersey, USA
Rocks, to me have their own aethetics, even the plain ones. Natural wonders can often exist in rocks eroded away by wind and rain into shapes that are almost mind boggling. So, I think that rocks are a cool part of our daily life. Withouth them, we would be walking on lava.


one of many
Sep 27, 2011
Talking to the other zellinkdas
rocks: the base of the earth. if we didn't have rocks, we would be standing on soil layed over liquid. if we didn't have rocks, would we be here? chilling feeling, yet i always hear people say
It's just a rock.
really. just a rock. well OBVIOUSLY you don't like living. we wouldn't have a planet structure. or a solar system. just an empty universe. no moon. no asteroids.

Think about that for a little while. :)

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