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  • Will take your gfx request. I'll start with a Kyogre avatar and then do a sig...or if you would prefer a matching set, let me know that ^^ an example of my work is my signature.
    Here's the avatar!
    It died like last year, then we got a replacement, THEN we got an IRC which sux0red, then the current shoutbox is now here.

    Unless, what you mean is that it isn't there? I just logged in and see it just fine.
    I see the others have done so, and despite me being incredibly late, it was pleasure meet you on SB. ;D
    Welcome. You also very smart and quick witted. Okay now that I might've scared you. I would like to say how are you?
    Hey. How are you? Pardon me if I seem rude or weird (useally am) But you my dear are a very nice person :)
    Actually, I picked this username when I was listening to music, thinking about the Hero's Song in Skyward Sword, and thinking about the Pokeflute that wakes up Snorlax.
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