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General Feelings on Rocks

Jan 2, 2012
Dude, rocks are awesome! I love smashing them to show off my brute strength.

There's this cool boulder near my house that got struck by lightning. It's got a huge white stripe where it got hit.

Johnny Sooshi

Just a sleepy guy
Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster
What should I think of rocks? There are so many of them that it's rather hard to list every one of them, even when doing groups alone. They also come in various shapes and sizes, far too much to recount, if only in a simple sentence. But rocks have multiple purposes. Depending on their dimensions and weight, they can be skipped across a flat, calm plane of water...unless they're heavy, in which case they'll immediately plunk beneath the surface and leave behind a ring of ripples. They can be thrown to smash windows and litter your neighbor's yard, but both can be considered vandalism, since some of the grass will get bent, so don't do that. Just know that rocks are a beautiful part of this green Earth.


Additionally, many people appreciate other types of rock:


And as a special shout-out to the Roc, a large bird-of-prey in Arabian legends known to carry off elephants:


As for my general feelings on rocks? One type is awesome to listen to, and another, although a fictional creature, has an intriguing backstory to learn about. But regular rocks that sit around all day are in fact quite uninteresting, except to gaze at.

I think you got what I like. All three kinds!

I also like to skip them on a lake near my house. It's pretty fun!


Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
Heh, this is definitely the most unique thread I have seen in a while. :P

Digression aside, I do like rocks. The ones I look for are very brilliant, white rocks, and perhaps even the ones that are transparent. We have a rock garden in front of our house, filled with (I think two or three) tons of river rocks. There are many types of rocks I can see in this. Some of which, I can easily kick to the side, and others, I want to give more than a passing glance before I set it back into the garden.

Typically, though, I look more for just ones that stand out to me, such as white rocks, but also solid colored ones with some mixes of interesting color in them, and smoothed edges especially catch my eye.
Apr 6, 2012
I like big rocks because I can sit on them and I don't feel like I'm sitting on the ground.
I like smaller rocks because I can draw things on them, like faces, no matter where I am.
And I like pebbles because they jump over water. Although there is no lake or river nearby, so I can't do that very often.

When I was a small kid, I used to collect stones I thought were pretty. My mother hated me for it, I guess. Everywhere were stones lying around :D

Anyway, what's the difference between stone and rock? I would have said rocks are bigger, while stones are small things like pebbles.
But is that right? :thinking:
Mar 31, 2012
USA :>
I love rocks. My aunt is a geologist and would always teach me about them when I was younger. My whole family, really, is kind of interesting regarding rocks. I haven't seen too many other people like this, but when going into any of our rooms, you'll notice that we have them stashed just about on every surface available - on book shelves and desks, in drawers, shoe boxes filled with them, pretty ones placed about. Hundreds of rocks. I collect those that catch my eye every time I travel and add them to my collection. We have a large metal basket filled completely with rocks, fossils, and shells buried under the leaves outside on my property, filled with all of those that my father grew up with and collected. So I guess I'm kind of drawn to rocks. They represent different times in my life, and when I look at them it brings back the memories of what was happening at that time, so they hold a lot of meaning for me. :>

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