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First Experiences with the Silent Realms



I thought the first Silent Realm was quite simple, but later on the adrenaline kicked in. Mostly when the spirits begin chasing you.


The Notorious M.O.P.
Mar 8, 2012
I was a bit nervous the first time around. It took me 2 tries on Farore's Silent Realm, so I thought the Silent Realms were easy. But the, during Nayru's Silent Realm it took me SO MANY TRIES!!! I got 14 tears, but never thought to roll into that stupid tree. Din's Silent Realm I completed in 1 try and I completed Hylia's Silent Realm in one try too. I guess that in the later Silent Realms I learned what to do and what to not do, making them easier for me.


The Inquirer
Apr 4, 2012
My first time actually wasn't that bad, it was the second time that time was slowing down and life as I knew it was ending...or, at least that's what it felt like to me anyway...ugh, I'll never forget what happened in Lanayru Desserts silent realm, ever.
Apr 3, 2012
I initially thought it would be like the tears of light in Twilight princess, easy to get. I was quite surprised when the guardians started after me. I was like AAAAAA!!! I had no problems with the first one and managed to make it out okay, but i did not like the music, it made me even more creeped out. The normal silent realm a nice soft color and nice music... until you head out of the circle and the screen changes to orange and the creepy music come on. That music really did its job, it added to the fear of the situation.
Mar 31, 2012
USA :>
Oh, I loved the Silent Realms. Well, my first time going into it, I had no idea what to expect, really - I just remembered from reading beforehand that it would be a place where I wouldn't be able to use my sword. I have to say, I was initially rather freaked out - in a good way. I think I might've actually screamed from being startled when I had gathered all but one of the tears on my first try in Faron and then was caught by one of those guardians. Going through the other Silent Realms was just as exiting for me. In my opinion they were some of the most fun parts of the game and I'm really looking forward to going back through them again. :>
Apr 15, 2012
It was hard for me at first. I had to keep looking for the tears and what I though was a tear was the thing that gives you the location of them.
Dec 22, 2011
I found it easier if everyone was chasing after. I didnt feel rushed except i always had to be on the move. Really cool idea!

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