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  • Well I got assigned this project in ASL about a disorder or disability and even though it's not directly a disorder or disability I chose to do mine on brain hemorrhage because my girlfriend had one and again that's what took so long for the response. I'll have present sometime next week I just hope I'm not called on Monday because I defiantly need at least one more day.

    Well I got Kirby Return to Dreamland and Resident Evil.

    And no I don't I think it's over appreciated game plus all the times I've played it I noticed some character's final smash are overpowered and other are crap so I'm not really attracted to it. I really hope they takeout final smashes in the next SSB game.
    I was just wondering it's not really important to me but you should find out for yourself what it is.

    I got no homework tonight so I'll be a lot longer than usual.
    I don't really don't know to describe it but you'll learn more about it as you get closer to High School or you could ask older people like your parents or probably the college aged people at your church.

    What's your denomination? like Baptist or Catholic.

    Logging Out.
    Cool do you if the girl you'e interested in has the same religious as that also is a fundamental of any relationship if she is of a religious don't count her out just know she probably won't help you grow in your spiritual life.

    Last ? of the girl I'll ask unless you have any ?s for me.
    I've actually used it once a poem I wrote ironically it felt like plagiarism to me so I gave credit where it is due and she in turn after I finished reading the poem said I love Sheik shes so philosphical.

    Do you have any LoZ quotes you find inspirational?
    The girlfriend I currently have now I got because I learned from past mistakes trying to get other girls to like me.

    As Shiek said in OoT

    A childish mind turns to noble ambition young love to deep affection.
    anymore advice you want and please tell me how your hopeful relationship with that girl turns or how it even it progresses.
    That's good use your talent in music to impress her in some fashion or your literary skills.

    Write a short romance story and dedicate it to her but I recommend doing this after you've established that you 2 are dating if it gets that far.

    I've written poems to girls I liked and they thought it was creepy that I was thinking about them in that kind of fashion.
    Well as I said before flirt if she does it back then she at least wants to be friends.

    You're in orchestra is that elective you chose or a class forced on you?
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