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First Experiences with the Silent Realms


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May 4, 2012
This was a rather scary and nerve raking part of my experience while i played SS for the first time, the reason for this is that i was playing at 3 am, not the greatest idea.
Apr 27, 2012
dude. it reminded me of metal gear. it was a nice touch. i hated it and i loved it at the same time. it was definitely challenging.
May 11, 2012
Colorado Springs
In my initial experiences with the Silent Realm I felt a little spooked, but I was able to easily beat everyone of those missions. Even though I found them easy I still had a blast playing them, and hope they return
Aug 24, 2011
I always dreaded doing the Silent Realms, but they got easier to me each time I completed one. I'll never forget the first time I stepped outside that circle in Faron though..and the screen got all weird, and the extremely creepy, adrenaline-inducing music came on!!! Needless to say I ran like a madwoman to get the first tear. Then I relaxed, for a little while anyway:P haha. I also had several terrifying experiences with waking water and stepping into the light of the floating creatures patrolling the area...

Heroine of Time

Rest in peace, Paris Caper...
Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
Oh dear. I remember my first Silent Realm all too much. I was terrified. I listened to everything Fi said carefully and was extremely cautious not to get caught in the light, but I kept running out of time and couldn't find the last couple tears. To make things worse, I did not know at first that you could easily get away from the Guardians simply by walking away from them. I thought they were fast enough to catch you, so I held A to sprint the whole time and always ran out of stamina, so then they'd catch me.

I actually failed so many times that Fi said, "Master, the chances of your not being the chosen hero are increasing..."

When I finally found the last tear, it was up on a cliff next to a vine-wall. The guardians were already after me, but I began climbing anyway. I was hyperventilating the whole time, certain that a Guardian was about to come up behind me while I couldn't see them and knock me off the cliff, but none did. I got the final tear and I'd never been more relieved in my life... until I had to go back to the portal. o_O
May 3, 2012
I just finished the Eldin Silent Realm today and that one was a lot harder. I died the first time quickly, the seconds time was veeerry drawn out. I grabbed a bunch of Tears then realized I didn't have nearly enough time to figure out how to get to the other end. I must have been chased for two solid minutes overall, I kept hitting the air pocket and going up and down the sand slide a bunch of times before I got them all. Then at the last second I wake up a Guardian and thought I would have to start over, I just barely made it.

Compared to Faron and Lanayru, Eldin was way harder and more intense.
Apr 6, 2012
I only remember finishing the skyloft one,then for 15 minutes the power went down then it returned to normal....I don't like the silent realms.


May 10, 2012
I also loved the Silent Realms. I wish they were MORE challenging though. The only time I was caught was in Skyloft and it was the little flying light guy. Jerk.

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