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  • Yeah price is kinda holding me back but my parents are going to pay part of it from money from the government for education resources and from xmas/birthday present, then I wouldn't be left with too much to pay.
    Every student above year 9 in my state has a laptop given from the government, but they suck and are not something I would rely on for Software Design next year.
    I'm not too sure what computer I want. I'm not a PC Gamer so I don't really care about if it will run games well. I want a laptop as I'll be taking it to school to do my Software Design and Development class next year. My teacher and a few other students have MacBook Pros but they are like $1600 for the 13", pretty expensive but I'll prob just save for that. What computer do you want?
    I am trying to live off $40 a week at the moment (I'm 16 btw), and I am going ok. Since I usually get $150-$200 a week I save the rest, I am saving for a computer at the moment.
    The Wii U killed my bank account :P Also have to pay over $500 to register my car this month :/
    Ok, is it a longer game than the first?
    Justifying buying a game when you already have it can be hard, money could be better spent on new games.
    I have never played Banjo Tooie, but hopefully I'll have the chance one day. My console still works so I could get it off eBay but my backlog is massive at the moment. School and work getting in the way :/
    I was very suprised with the browser, the Wii browser sucked so that would have been rough.
    DK64 is one of my all time favourite games, but I never finished it as a kid because my save file was somehow erased :( Banjo-Kazooie is also fantastic. Nintendo should not have sold rare.
    Thats awesome, being in a happy mood is great :)
    I am pretty happy too, I purchased a Wii U console (using it to post this, the browser is as good as a PC browser) and it is great. I got Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U and Scribblenauts Unlimited with it so I have been pretty occupied :) Have you played any games lately?
    I'm alright, just got to go to work after posting this message :( Ah well it's only 11-4:15.
    Awesome list :) Sorry to leave you hanging but got to get ready.
    Hey, how are you? You are right, we haven't really talked at all before, so hello :) . What's your favorite game(s)? I have quite a few that its so hard to choose, Ocarina of Time, Donkey Kong Country 2, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Banjo Kazooie and Skyward Sword have to be my favorites.
    Cool. I've played Arkham Asylum (haven't gotten the chance to finish it yet), and I loved it. Incredible game.

    You're right about the villains. It's incredibly hard to ridicule any of the main ones- they're all done so well, and so important to who Batman is.
    Your avatar is so awesome. I haven't played Arkham City yet, but I'm dying to.

    FR sent :)

    Who's your favorite Batman enemy? Mine would definitely be the Riddler. He's so awesome: "Riddle me this, Batman..."
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