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Family Guy


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Dec 29, 2008
Family Guy is so funny. I loved it when Peter puts on those pjs and zaps everyone. Haha :D
However, there are some things in Family Guy that I don't like. But they are there to be crude and the words are packed with emotionally loaded words to get a rise out of people. The more the people talk about it, the more people watch it. It's not nice always but it's one of the reasons that Family Guy is a very,very popular show.


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I used to like Family Guy. I liked all the silly pop culture refrences - random references to television shows and toys from my childhood, and, as random as it was, some of the humor was even quite witty. I liked the early episodes where Stewie was bent upon world domination rather than being ambigiously gay and in denial...

But lately, it's become such a soapbox. Some of the episodes might as well cut out all the charactes and have Seth McFarlane screaming at the screen.

Nothing much "crosses the line" for me. I even thought the Prom Night Dumpster Baby musical sketch was hilarious just because it just broadsided the audience with something shocking and just so "wrong" it wound up being funny (at least to me). However, one recent episode just crossed the line for me in such a way...

... that it made me so angry that I refuse to even watch reruns of the show now. Seth McFarlane is getting no more of my viewership (at least until he learns that religious tolerance goes both ways).

I'm not talking about the Church of Fonzie episode. I loved the Church of Fonzie episode. It was a more recent episode that honked me off.

Furthermore, it just made me sad that "another good show has really gone down the crapper." I mean, the jibes at various things used to have a wit to them, and I feel that Family Guy has completely lost its wit.


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Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I still enjoy watching the show, but this season I find they seem to be slipping in terms of quality. (I know some would argue there's any quality to begin with, but as a former student of animation, there's some kind in every work)

I think the main point I find odd about the season that just ended was they began to point out more and more that they're fictional characters. They're breaking the fourth wall and admitting they're running low on matieral by doing so. Some moments of this include Peter stating "It's a cartoon!" and another time asking the members of the family if anyone had any last jokes to tell before ending the episode.

Yes, those moments are still amusing, but they are showing a beginning of a weakness in the writing. I think if they had banked material from American Dad and the Comedy Cavalcade works (along with whatever material they held for the Cleveland Show) then FG itself would be on sturdier legs.

I think overall I might just be more disappointed with the slack writing and the fourth wall when King of the Hill has been cancelled for a 3rd McFarlane show. I've grown rather fond of KOTH and it's sad to see a show that has been solid past 10 seasons fall to ones that are flailing before that mark.


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Jan 18, 2009
in my house
I rarely watch it. I'll only watch family guy when I"m bored. I think I watch House a lot more that Family Guy. Definetly.

fallen angel

i love family guy! its hilarious! i can watch one episode over and over. peter is def. my favorite character. i do have to admit that i sometimes feel a little bit uncomfortable with the jesus and/or god jokes...but i know how some people take it WAY to seriously. and i kno that sometimes we need to take a step back from serious things and have a little laugh about it. lol


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Oct 4, 2009
Family Guy is hilarius! I love all the different characters!

But I think for a show to be funny, it has to be rated M or MA. Take the Simpsons... Should be funny but it isn't... Why? Because the humor is not good for children! :lol:
Jan 3, 2009
Family Guy in one word: unfunny.

The characters are bland, use the most obscure and unfunny jokes, never stay with the plot, and uses awful excuses for plots. Peter joins a football team, the old dude has a gay love for Chris, Stewie meets his long lost enemy from racing in a sperm into an egg, and it just gets stupider and more boring. Character Variety you say? Well, the descriptions, "boring, bland, unfunny, blander, blandest, fat, and outrageously raunchy" count as variety. Bottom line: Family Guy was cancelled for a good reason, but replaced for the wrong reason.


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Mar 2, 2010
In the middle of Kansas...
Family Guy sucks is overrated and stupid and its oviously a rip off of the Simpsons. I used to watch it often(when it was actualy funny) now its stupid and half the time its seems like a bunch of clips put together.
I also hate Seth Mac-whatever he is a sellout.


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Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
Now that I pay more attention to the series, I do confess that the older Family Guy episodes are much better than the modern ones. They're running out of ideas, and are instead giving some of their ideas to the other shows that the producer of Family Guy makes. In the older days, they had a well written out story that had relevant and humorous side-clips that didn't stray that far from the original story.

Now, as TriforceHunter above me has stated, it is nothing more than a bunch of random clips put together. One thing that irks me about the modern series is that they are doing things that shouldn't happen, such as Brian finally finishing his book and stuff like that. Then again, the same can be said about a lot of older kids cartoons that I've watched and have occasionally seen today, such as SpongeBob (who went from having common sense to brainless...several times (literally)) and Fairly Odd Parents (things happen way too predictably and also way too fast).


Feb 24, 2010
I really don't like the "Family Guy is just a ripoff of The Simpsons" argument. Yeah, they're both cartoons on Fox about a lower-middle class family of five. That's where the similarities end. Obviously, Family Guy was inspired by The Simpsons but that doesn't make it a complete copy. One big difference between them is what Family Guy revolves around; the cutaway gags. And for those who say "Well the cutaway gags suck too because they gotz nothing to do with the story", I advise you to find some other type of programming if you're looking for a story. Seriously, it's a friggin cartoon, it's not meant to be some epic narrative. The cutaways make you laugh, and that's probably the reason most of us watch cartoons.

Beyond that, I will say that the show is overrated. Honestly, the only reason The Cleaveland Show is still running is because Seth MacFarlane's name is attached to it; his influence obviously runs pretty far. And while I don't find most of Family Guy's social commentary particularly radical, I will say some bits (the recent Terry Schiavo gag comes to mind) go a wee bit too far. I mean, I get that he was (hopefully) trying to criticize the controversy around the incident, but it just came off as ridiculing the Schiavo family for still having sentimental attachement to the patient.

And, imo, Gay Stewie is much funnier than Evil Stewie. I found the Evil Stewie days more..... immature, than badass.


May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Family Guy is a show of Hilarious moments and ******** moments. Some are funny, Some are just plain dumb.

It used to be funny, till season 6 hit. Kept watching the show hoping to find some piece of brilliant comedic genius, yet nothing happened.
Well the shows a lot of parodies in American Social life and Showbiz, I find that amusing. But there are moments where they make no sense. -__-

The only REALLY Funny moment I loved in this show is a bout the word.

You don't know the word?
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Dec 9, 2009
Those first say, three seasons where very creative and full of carefully written jokes. That was when it was still an 'underground' show. Nowadays, there are some occasional episodes that reach that type of quality but there also lots of crappy episodes full of random nonsense jokes that make no sense whatsoever. The current season is clearly better than the last one but its just not the early years anymore.


its not as good as it use to be but it still has its moments.
quagmire is still the best and this is probably my fav scene

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