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Jun 14, 2010
I don't usually dream, but usually think about things that are currently going on at the moment in life. Though sometimes a weird dream comes along :P

Two of the weirdest dreams I've had in a while were Zelda related.

Dream one: I found myself in my school. All I can remember from this is that I was running around said school, searching for and collecting Rupees. Seems like Link is being a bad influence!:lol:

Dream two: This one was just like a scene in TP, just with me and not in Hyrule. It was pretty much the scene in Kakariko Village, where Link is reunited with Epona, and Epona is going crazy and Link has to tame her. I was running around the area around my house, playing and calling her with Epona's Song, and she still went crazy. But hen soon enough I caught her. XD

I'm weird when I want to be. :lol:


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Aug 3, 2009
I remember many of the dreams I've had, and they tend to be very weird and surreal. Most of my dreams are neutral, in that they aren't exactly happy or scary, usually a nice blend of tension and dreamlike weirdness/exploration. I used to have nightmares more often, but now I have nightmares just about as often as super-awesome-hyper-happy dreams which make me feel like I'm on cloud nine all day. The nightmares I have now are worse than those I used to have though. Seems to balance out in the end.

I also keep a dream journal, and though I don't always have time to write in it when I wake up, I usually remember some of my dream if I make a mental note to. I definitely like to write it down if I had what I felt was an especially important dream, which can sometimes include nightmares.

I've also had several lucid dreams, which are dreams where you are aware that you are dreaming without waking yourself up. These are dreams where the dreamer can take control and change the dream at will. I don't have them very often, and sometimes I realize that I'm dreaming and hand the controls back over to my subconscious anyway because it's interesting to see what happens. Either way it's always been a treat for me to realize I'm dreaming while I'm still asleep, as these dreams are often easier to remember.

Sometimes I try to go over my dream when I wake up to find meaning in them that relates to what I've been thinking about, and I do occasionally find correlations, but usually it seems to be nonsense. Dreams are very interesting indeed.
Jan 1, 2011
It actually varies for me:

Last night I had a dream about me and my current boyfriend. Not going into much detail's, it was just me and him at a party having a good time, probably too much fun. o.o


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Nov 27, 2010
I once had a dream (well, a nightmare) when I was six and I dreamt that Hawk and I were playing something near the couch in our living room, when a gigantic spider BURST out of the couch cushions and ate me. Hawk ran to the kitchen to get my parents, but when he came back, the tarantula was gone. All I could see were spider guts, which to me looked like green and red blobs with a background of orange.

Also, more recently, I dreamed that I was skydiving and landed on a classic little kid robot (chunky body, cube head...) and it gave me a piggyback ride to my language arts class. Most random thing EVER.


I rarely ever remeber my dreams, but recently I have been remembering atleast parts of some of them. But the only dreams I seem to be remembering lately are some how zelda related. not that I'm complaining :D


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Nov 21, 2010
Storybrooke, Maine
Strange that while I was working on writing up this post in this thread, suddenly that new thread on dreams appeared....hm, I guess that kind of thing happens sometimes.


I don't usually remember my dreams, but I happened to wake up in the middle of one last night (REM mode I suppose) so I happen to remember part of it....figured I'd note it because I'll probably forget it later otherwise.

I was in this huge shopping arcade-like building, on the second floor. They were demoing the new Zelda there, for whatever the reason. Three staircases descended into the floor to where different demos were taking place. I took the one in the middle, thinking I'd make sure to try all three. When I got down there, I found myself demoing Toon Link, which made sense in my dream because I apparently remembered that the new Zelda featured him, except that he had white hair and looked rather like fierce deity.

Then I noticed I was in a huge winding line with some people I seemed to recognize even though they do not exist, and that there were shelves of plushies around the line, which I started scanning for Zelda-themed plushies worth collecting. Then I remembered Toon Link and looked down to find that I was holding him between the tips of my fingers (since when did he turn into a figurine?) which placated me while I left to find the stairs to another section of the demo.

I was on the third floor and found something like a staircase to take to the second floor. However, the staircase had no stairs on it, which made me think it was an escalator, but it wasn't an escalator. It was more like a long black slide, save for the moving handrails that resembled the ones on an escalator. I was wondering why I was fine going down it even though it was a straight drop at a 90 degree angle, and glanced at my hand expecting to see a balloon gripped in it floating me down, but instead my hand was just sliding along the handrail as naturally as if there weren't a missing floor beneath my feet. I shrugged.

Anyways, when I got to the bottom, I realized that I had gone too far and reached the first floor instead of the second, where the Zelda demos were taking place. I checked next to the Black Slide-like descender for a staircase upward, but instead there was only a really fast escalator going down. I asked a guy standing nearby if there were stairs upwards, and he started to say there was, but I was too impatient to hear his directions, so I thanked him and banged a left through a door down a hallway where I thought the stairs would be.

This hallway had very few people. I remember passing a section with a few desolate-looking arcade machines where a single girl standing with her back to me was playing a game that didn't look very interesting, but as I ran down that hallway, I didn't see anyone else, and when I reached the end of it, I didn't find any stairs. I turned and dashed back wondering if I had missed it....and when I was almost back at the door I had came through, I noticed that in the right corner of the room, there was a section that was blocked off by walls, save for one opening that lead me into where there were what were some maze-like walls. I meandered through the openings in the walls until I reached the blocked-off corner of the room.

There, I found a single white door. On it, was written this:

Lost in the Lost Woods.

For whatever reason, I was convinced I had found the elusive stairs, so I opened the door and ran in. What greeted me was not stairs however...or anything I was expecting. Instead, it seemed like I had walked into an area that appeared similar to the inside of an empty airport terminal, though...not quite. What was unusual was the amount of queuing-handrails there were that are usually used to shape the path of and fence in long lines. There were tons of them, only these were made of thick foamy plastic that resembled low meandering walls reaching some ways above the waist in height, with tons of them set up to wind and wind for so long, far more than should be necessary for their original purpose; those line-enclosers made a network of paths that seemed to extend endlessly down hallways in every different direction. But that was not what made the picture strange to me; what felt particularly weird and out of place to me was the fact that littered all over the place, stuck in as excessive, confusing labels along every path, were street signs...so many street signs of different sizes and colors saying different things, pointing in different directions.

Other than the out-of-place-looking colors of the signs that seemed very odd, juxtapositioned as they were throughout the "airport terminal," the floor and extending walls along the hallways of it were very clean and polished as new, lit with the bluish florescent lighting that neatly lined the ceiling.

There was no one else there, no movement...everything was silent and completely still.

There were so many signs that I didn't even want to look at them, and I was so impatient to find the stairs that I disregarded the confusing signs, jumped over the line-enclosers cutting through different paths and charged down a direction randomly, hoping and figuring that I'd just find the stairs naturally anyway and that it wouldn't be that much trouble to do so.

I quickly found, however, that I wasn't finding any stairs no matter what direction I tried running through, and that I kept finding myself reaching this 4-way street sign at what might have been the heart of the entire path network. I don't remember what two of the signs read....I think they said the names of two paths I didn't know. But I remember what the other two signs said: there was a yellow one pointing in one direction that said "Start," and a green one pointing in the opposite direction that said "Help."

I ran in the direction of "Start," thinking it was surprisingly considerate of them to include the way back to the entrance for people who would get frustrated and want to leave, since I'd come to realize that I probably wasn't going to find the stairs there, and that I should probably get back to ask the guy for the proper directions to the stairs again.

However, when I reached the wall at the end of the path, I did not find the door I had come through, or any door for that matter. Instead I found an opening to a black slide in the wall, similar to the one I had descended down to the first floor from earlier. Except, that instead of being the open-air kind of black slide the last one had been, this one was a sealed-in tunnel-tube kind of black slide, that when I tried to go up thinking I might have found a replacement for the stairs, I immediately realized with its straight up angle that I....couldn't. And when I looked up to notice what was placed right above the misleading black hole, I found four signs that shocked me with what they said: The very top one said "F--- YOU!" (I am dead serious...it either said "F--- You!" (uncensored) or "Oh F---!" though don't remember which one) and the one directly under it said "NO WAY!" I don't remember what the other two said, (one might have said, "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!") but I remember that they were meant as taunts for foolishly thinking it would be that easy to leave. And staring at the hole that was designed not to let anyone go up, I remember feeling like the "O" opening in the wall at the bottom of the slide almost looked like the opening of a mouth, colored a deep, thick, acidic obsidian....it was eerie, and the taunting, blaring signs staring me in the face right above it weren't helping.

So I turned back and ran whatever the path, not long before finding myself at the 4-way sign once again (or was it a different one? Actually, I'm uncertain). This time though, I tried running in the direction of "Help," only to reach a corner with another one of those black slides with the taunting signs (or it could have been the same one even...I'm not sure either). At that point, I could only turn back and try continuing down another path...

And then I woke up.


I sometimes have dreams that subtly creep me out. Actually....now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I've had a lot of those, though I can't remember them now anymore.

This one got creepy for me at the deserted-airport-hallways-lost-woods. Though it doesn't bother me now when I'm thinking about it objectively, it was a lot creepier while I was in the midst of dreaming it. Especially that eerie silence and emptiness, only broken by the echo of my footsteps...
I have no idea how my mind decides to come up with dreams like this though, as it usually doesn't even pertain to what my mind should be well acquainted is what I like. This one felt almost as though it had a SciFi feel to it, which I'm not usually the biggest fan of for example, due to it often times pertaining to heavy topics highlighting serious concerns on a future that may bring the demise of mankind. Not that my dream was about that thankfully, but it's still isn't the kind of thing I can say I enjoy. I'd like a dream where I'm living in Hyrule or something and instead I get stuff like this....

One thing that gets me is when I wake up in the middle of something unresolved in my dream. If I do not complete it, then when I wake up, while I feel that it's relieving to escape it, I am left feeling a little bothered that I was unable to overcome whatever it was. It's happened to me on multiple occasions....in this instance, I woke up while I was still caught in that frozen maze-like isolated space. I would have liked to have escaped it first, before waking up, so it would have left me feeling comfortable for being able to have resolved it. Although its not usually something to weigh down on my mind for a long time, it is still something that tends to bother me...

*I apologize for the length that this post came out to be. I have a tendency to elaborate on details more than necessary sometimes...


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Jun 22, 2011
On An Adventure
I actually have different dreams. Sometimes weird, sometimes how I want them, and sometimes frightening.

Last night I had a very......different.....dream about Zelda things.

It started out kind of in a sandy area with holes poking through the walls beaming light. (The area was kind of like when you are looking for the Triforce Shards and you fight the four Dark Nut Knights in WW) If you entered the sandy area, which I did with a few other people, these podiums rose up and the had little holes in them. Immidiatley I thought THE TRIFORCE!! Don't ask me why, it's instinct :) Anyways, it was like in PH when you have to get the triangles to open the door.

Except the triforce parts in my dream where hidden ALL OVER THE PLACE. The funniest part? The "triforce" shards were TLoZ: OoA games wrapped in black fabric. Yea, weird, I know. Strange that my dream had enough detail to create an exact replica of my OoA. (I don't wrap it in fabric though...) Anyways, the first part of my dream was like OoT and WW in a way. Like when you have to collect the three stones and three pearls. I fought different bosses. For the first boss, I practically rode on a rail to the boss room. It reminded me of the Dragon Roost Hallway in Ganon's Castle in WW. I got there and fought a boss pretty much like Gohma in WW. Then, I can't really remember what else happened, but soon I ended up at a "Final Boss". Kind of like the transitioning stage, like when you get the Master Sword in OoT. But I faced a boss in about what would the point of the game when you face the floating head and hands in WW. That was in the sandy area. Then I had gathered all the "triforce shards" and placed them in the pedestals. I then had to do basically what you do in WW when you track down the triforce shards. I tracked down OoA games all over the world. One was in that hole in the wall that we had to fight for, others were in France and England. I sometimes had to do quests for them. Before I woke up, I was facing a final boss. All I remember about it was that it was sorta like a giant Gohma. And there was lava.

Wanna guess my favorite game?


Vermin Supreme 2012!!!
I once had a dream when a bunch of people from my school were hanging out at an abandoned playground. we started to talk about girls, and then a kid who most of the people in the grade hated came over,(he's only popular because the girls like him), and we proceeded to beat him up. my friend ended up snapping his spine over monkey bars He was like draped over the bars like a towel. It was hilarious..:D then a teacher came over and re animated the kid, and he snapped his spine back into place Resident evil style.. then i was riding on a pillow with Riza Hawkeye(from FMA) and Sakon Shima(from samurai warriors chronicles) that had machine guns attatched to it. we were trying to take down a WWII flying fortress. the thing shot down sakon and riza, so i had to blow it up myself.I tried again and again, each time either being shot down by the plane or falling off the pillow. I kept on dying, and i'd tried a million times to shoot down the plane, so i eventually ended up committing suicide by jumping of the flying pillow,:xd: although i tried that 500 times and kept on teleporting back onto the pillow. then i woke up.
Jul 8, 2011
Somewhere in the known universe
I only remember two whole dreams from my life.

1. I was falling woke up having a feeling I was falling and panicked for a second.

2. I was little but this dream haunted me since I was three, I was going to my swingset with my neighbor and there was a mailbox with ghosts on it and then ghosts came out and played on my swingtset and we proceded (did I spell it right?) to the swings. My neighbor put his chin on a swing. I picked up his head and his bod was NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!!!:O:sick: I woke up.


May 9, 2010
I had a dream that I met everyone on ZD and they though I was very cute and I got to meet Mandy then my dreamed Change to me failing but I am not who I really am I was my character but then I landed after that I saw everyone from Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts plus, some of the members here but thats what I saw at that dream and again my dream change it was now I was looking at myself looking at my future how I looked then I walk to a path I realized I was wearing a black coat( yes I was like one of the members in Organization 13 if you played the game) when I look I saw just my two brothers but not me. Then, I saw a little girl but it was not me I thought it was but it wasn't. I saw another path then I saw a picture that look like a whole family picture I pick it up but I didn't see me, well after that part it change again well I was in a very bright room everyone was wearing dresses but I wasn't I was wearing a blue outfit but I didn't now what was happening but then I saw what looks like to be Zelda,Link,and Xemnas(He's superior of Organization 13 if you are wondering) they coming after me I tried to run but I saw blood on my legs but the only thing I could do was get up. I manged to run a little but I was too late they got me and tended to my legs. Zelda then told me to put on this dress but I refused to after I refused to put it on she made me after I put the dress on Xemnas grab my hand then took me out were I was but in a different spot. He told me to stay there but I didn't stay there I went to clean my outfit after that I put it back on I saw Zelda, Link, and Xemnas looking for me. I was on another floor but they saw me and went to get me I started to run even when I was still hurt I got out the door and they went to where I was but I made to the door I was falling down I look I was in Skyloft but I was now on a bird went to land and I saw Ghiraham, he tried to kill me but I look I had a lightsaber I fought him untill I ask him if he can hide me he said yes so I went with him but Zelda saw me all of them went to get me but it was too late I was with Ghiraham I gave him a hug of what he did.

Thats was the longest dream I ever had
Jul 28, 2011
pretty creepy dream about a week ago. had a dream that i failed two classes in school (seeing that I get 80s without effort, this is strange.) next thing i know, my friend tells me on facebook (in real life) that she failed 2 classes.

coincidence? I think not...


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