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Dreams About Video Games


Still a Moosh fan!
Nov 14, 2008
Virginia, USA
i don't really dream about LoZ, but I do something close. at night, i do this thing where i create a LoZ adventure in my mind. i think about it, and i make different things happen to the characters. i even add characters. and a few times, i "edited" characters that already exist (Linebeck, Gonzo, Niko, e.t.c.). i seperate the different sections of the adventure in a strange way. each part of the adventure is a "season". i'm on season 4 right now, btw. i call this entire thing a "dream" because of the phrase daydreaming. sometimes i "dream" during the day, with my eyes open. i dont do this much, because it's harder to focus in bright light.


Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
i call this entire thing a "dream" because of the phrase daydreaming. sometimes i "dream" during the day, with my eyes open. i dont do this much, because it's harder to focus in bright light.

Such as "Zoning Out"? I sometimes accidentally zone out in Math for 45 second sessions.

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Oct 23, 2008
Cookie Kingdom
When i was little, i always dream about Sonic being real.
Now i dream about anime! :D

(I wish i was a kid again) Those were the good old days!
May 25, 2008
In my house
I don't think I've ever really had a dream about video games, really if I ever did it was just me playing them, nothing specific. And since I rarely have dream anymore, I doubt it will happen anytime soon.


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Sep 18, 2008
the middle of nowhere
When i was little, i always dream about Sonic being real.
Now i dream about anime! :D

(I wish i was a kid again) Those were the good old days!

I generally dream in Anime... although Last night I pretty much replayed the 6th 4sword misadventure in my sleep... I was funny ans exact... right dowm the DarkLink and His Shadow clones starting a riot in hyrule:lol:


Currently, I'm having a lot of dreams about videogames.

So, I'll try to explain what the dreams were about:
Some videogame nerd scientist (xD) invented a machine where people could go to to emerge in the worlds of their favorite videogames.
Things like weilding swords or handling guns (for example) are programmed into the heads of the players à la Matrix. Then they will compete in the respective game for a big prize or they can just casually enter and leave it.

My dreams were specifically about Zelda, and, for some reason, Metal Gear Solid. ^^;

Did anyone actually understand this (or take the time to read it)? xD
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Jan 6, 2009
One time I had a dream that I was Navi flying around in the Temple of Time after playing OoT for a long time.

Then after I played Doom 3.. I was dreaming in 3rd person and a Hell Knight was on a train in the Delta laps with me and it beat me up and killed me. No.. really.. that one was a nightmare =O
Nov 20, 2008
I cannot recal any dreams of video games in my life. :S I probably have had a few that I don't remeber. (I'm the kinda guy who forgets his dreams :P)

Red Moon

Yes. Most of them are Zelda related.

I had a dream I was TP Link chasing Fox through a cave until I lost sight of him. I then turned into Wolf Link. I reached the end of the cave. There were people there. This kid started throwing spiders at me, so I killed him. I killed everyone else in the room until only one person was left. He made a dog appear magically, and I killed both him and the dog. I then climbed a staircase to the top, where it was now a skyscraper instead of a cave. Micheal Jackson was up there. He said he didn't know why he was there but the view was fantastic. Then Fox came up from the staircase, and we were about to fight. He attacked me then jumped off the skyscraper and commited suicide.

I was WW Link in Wind Waker. I was on that volcano where you get the Power Bracelet, except there was land there, instead of it being just a volcano. The land was in the shape of a sideways 8. I was surrounded from both sides by two Big Octos shooting bombs. At that time I was afraid of Big Octos because of their size ( and still am ) so it was a very traumatizing experience for me. I was desperate to escape, so I tried playing the Ballad of Gales on land, and strangely enough, it worked. It teleported me to an island that looked like Windfall Island or Dragon Roost Island, but it was neither of the two. I looked to the right and noticed a cave. Instead of a cave, it was some sort of primitive bathroom, as I noticed when I got closer to it. The dream ended there.

I was in Antractica with some people I didn't know, the exception being Link. We were holding a festival for some unknown reason. This fat Scottish guy dressed as a snowman jumped into the water and got sucked into a whirlpool. Kyogre came out of the water and it looked mad. I followed Link to his house ( which looked a lot like mine ). Kyogre was still chasing us. I jumped out of the way as Link opened the door to the oven. Kyogre wasn't paying attention to where it was going, and accidentally jumped in. Link closed the door to the oven with Kyogre still in it.

I was WW Link on some unknown island. There were five lasers; one in each corner and one in the center. The one in the center was basically a Beamos, only without the body and just the laser eye. I had it hit the other four lasers in the corner of the island. When it did, the laser eye in the center dissapeared and Mewtwo appeared in it's place. It said, "I'm Mewtwo. Do you have our Queen? I've collected a lot of shadows throughout my journey." Instead of fighting me itself, it threw a Poke Ball and Feraligatr came out. I transformed from WW Link to Ash Ketchum. Mewtwo teleported us to the Poke Floats stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee. However, instead of jumping from float to float hoping not to fall down, we could both walk on air. I fought Feraligatr with Venusaur and won.

I was WW Link sailing in the night in the Great Sea, thinking to myself that it's been a long time since I've seen land. Then, a voice in my head told me to jump in the water. I jumped in, but instead of falling through, I was walking on the water. I then got back on the King of Red Lions and fell asleep. I woke up an hour later, still sailing but with no clue where I was. I saw Cyclos on his cyclone following a ship. His cyclone eventually reached the ship and tore it to pieces. I eventually reached Outset Island, where things were different from before. There was a volcano where the forest should have been, Aryll was a 17-year old hooker, grandma was sitting on a couch talking to my eighth grade science teacher, and other weird things I can't remember at the moment.

I was myself in this dream, stranded on an island. Agahnim came out of a hut and used his power to send me floating through space. A robot shaped like a microphone found me, and we traveled from planet to planet searching for the Triforce. We eventually found it. Angry that we found it first, Ganondorf sent me floating directly towards the sun. I was close to making physical contact with the sun when the sun exploded, sending me crashing down back to where I was on the stranded island. I was now swimming in lava from the sun's explosion. However, despite the explosion of the sun and swimming in lava, I felt no pain at all.

I was on a cliff on top of the Mountain Village near Snowhead. There was a huge pile of snow, so I set the snow on fire with a Fire Arrow. It revealed the entrance to an unknown dungeon. I went inside. The first room was filled with ReDeads, so I stunned them all with the Sun's Song. When only one ReDead was left, it turned black and started walking at medium speed, unlike other ReDeads which are slow. It started changing colors rapidly now. For each color, it fired a laser of the same color it currently was. I reflected the lasers back until I froze it in place, and finished it in one blow with the sword. In the next room, WW Ganondorf came up and said something I can't remember. Then, options on what Link should say came up ( you know, like when a character asks Link a question in Zelda games). I chose "Why did you drink the last soda?" Ganondorf told me to follow him to find out. He led me to a small room with only a toilet, but the toilet was spotless. Ganondorf approached the toilet when two huge worms came out of the toilet. They both looked like Molgera from Wind Waker, but instead of being made of sand, one was made of fire and one was made of ice. Ganondorf froze in fear. I was about to fight them when the dream ended.

General Lee

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Nov 16, 2008
When I was a kid of course I dreamed of video games. I also remember a dream about Harry Potter quite distinct. I was at my school when that 3-headed dog from the first book/movie started attacking our school (sorta like godzilla lol). then me and my friends ran to my house since it was close to my school. then I remember we his under my mom/dads bed and then, we looked out the window and there he was. Then I woke up (Just in time!)


I remember when me, my friend, and his dad were playing Driver for the PlayStation. We used cheats so that you couldn't die and the game was still hard as hell. Maybe we just sucked, either way, the timer killed us.

Anyway, I stayed the night over there and we played Driver for so long that when I closed my eyes I felt like I was still playing. I dreamt I was in the car at night with lights glaring all over and cops bashing into the doors. It was horrible. It was as if I was stuck in the Twilight Zone.

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