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Twilight Princess Creepiest Dungeon?

Creepiest Dungeon?

  • Forest Temple

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  • Goron Mines

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  • Lakebed Temple

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  • Arbiters Grounds

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  • Snowpeak Ruins

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  • Temple of Time

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  • City in the Sky

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Links Brother

I am Links older Brother!
Jul 12, 2011
Creepiest Dungeon

All Zelda games make one creepy dungeon. In Ocerina of Time that dungeon was the shadow temple and small bits of the forest temple. In Twilight princess it has to be Arbiters Grounds, it's the only possible answer! How could City In The Sky even be on the poll. Arbiters Grounds being the creepiest dungeon I never found it very creepy. Just a bunch of Poe's.

Phantom Zelda

Mostly Harmless
May 25, 2010
East Clock Town
Sorry all for not including the Palace of Twilight. I was only at the City in the Sky at the time I made this thread. Can I edit polls? And to tell you the truth, I didn't find the Arbiters Grounds creepy at all. The Palace of Twilight was only creepy until you get the Light Infused Master Sword.

Also a rant about the PoT: In my opinion it is not a full dungeon. I found it to be shorter and easier than all the other dungeons and it didn't have an item (I don't think the Light Infused MS counts). It did have a boss though and I'm sorry I didn't include it on the poll.

@Links Brother:
I included every dungeon on the list to be fair.


What about The Bottom of The Well from OoT? That should be on the list for sure. The imagery and subtle hints are enough, but the fact that if you look closely at; there are what appear to be torture devices. At the time of writing this, I'm working on something based on The Well which should clear things up. I vote The Bottom of The Well.


I would have to say Arbiters Grounds. The creepy music just made me feel on edge. AND I DID NOT LIKE THE REDEADS!!!


Out of these, I'd say Snowpeak just because Yeta creeps me out.


You Mean, Green Thing
Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
I would have to say Arbiter's Ground. Not because of the whole death thing, or because of the boss/ mini boss. It is because of the music and the sand. I was scared going into that dungeon, because of the invisible enemys, sand trap, and the music put me on edge. And I was playing it at one in the morning so that didn't help either.


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Well, my standard answer would be the Arbiter's Grounds, because of the variety of enemies, and the dark atmosphere. Those little swarms of knee-high creatures give me the willies, not to mention both the mini-boss and Stalord himself. The whole lore about the building itself as well adds to the creepy nature of the whole location. It's the "intentionally creepy" dungeon by design, really.

But, I think my answer on a personal level would be the Temple of Time. This is why I said the Arbiter's Grounds were the "standard" answer. For me, the Temple of Time had no location creepiness, or musical or atmosphere, but the fact of the matter is I'm deathy afraid of spiders. So, to have those little hatchlings constantly swarming really creeped me out. And, of course, to end the whole dungeon with Armagohma really was the bitter icing on a cake I don't want to eat. I was glad when I was done with the Temple of Time, and I'd be happy not to play it again any time soon.

(And as a side note, to see it redone in HD for the Wii U demo was both the most glorious Zelda item I've ever seen, and at the same time the most disgusting.)


New Hyrule's Engineer
Jul 28, 2011
Porto Alegre, Brazil.
My opinion:

1: Arbiter's grounds;it was really scarry, specially the enemies: Stalfos, Poes, Redeads, Bubbles, etc.
2: Palace of Twilight;Zants Masks scared me, and this place had a feeling like "You're in Zant's home.He's waiting for you.Be
3: Snowpeak Ruins;the first time I played, I tought Yeta was telling me the wrong locations on purpose, I tought she wanted
me to die searching!
4: Forest Temple;some rooms were too dark!
5: Lakebed Temple;there was a breathing thing in the music, and the enemies were hard to defeat.
6: Goron Mines;the first room had too much lava, and the beamos scared me a bit the first time I played, because I tought they
were part of a puzzle, not enemies.
7: Temple of Time:it had too much spiders, and the small ones were hard to hit.
8: City in the Sky:it wasn't scary at all.


The Rodent King
Jun 15, 2011
The Tree
Arbiter's Grounds was really creepy. There were actual poes instead of those imp poes. There were Redeads, Stalfos, and Stalkin that just randomly came out of the ground. Also the whole idea that the Arbiter's Grounds is a prison where people were killed. That's just kinda creepy. I made a thread on the scariest-looking boss / mid-boss and most people said the Death Sword which is the mid-boss of Arbiter's Grounds. And also, dead people appear out of the sand when you're fighting the Stallord. What's even creepier is they crumble if you attack them with the spinner.


Call me Micky
Jul 19, 2011
The Middle of Nowhere
I can understand why you would say Snowpeak...it was pretty creepy in there. And I think I physically felt cold. But when the first redead popped up in the Arbiter's grounds, I almost had a heart attack. They are so...creepy!! And all the skeletons and poes and undead-ness of everything just added to the eeriness.

But the Palace of Twilight always had me on the edge of my seat, watching out for those freaky hands. I thought they were going to pick me up and take me someplace awful. And even the Twili were a little odd looking. My vote goes to Arbiter's Grounds, but it's close.
Jul 28, 2011
Arbiter's ground all the way. I have an extreme bug phobia, and I start twitching when I see those damn bugs. I got so scared I kept refilling my lantern....
The re-deads were sorta scary until I learned that 2 bomb arrows finish them off.
Arbiter's grounds has a sinister, Indiana-jones theme to it, and there are quite a few traps everyewhere. Also, those invisible rats are introduced here, which creeps me out.
Palace of twilight is second in my opinion...

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