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Phantom Zelda
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    Hello Phantom Zelda! How you doing?
    Hello there! I see that your request which I am happy to do. I have one question, is there an specific Nntendo Mascots you want on the sig?
    i have mm, and ooc, finished both :) i wanna get tp and ss. i dont like all the older ones though :/ idk why but i just do, i only like the.... i forgot what the word is, but its like 3-d or something like that, its not so you see from above your character but you see behind him and you can see where you sword is going to hit and stuff like that
    ive played it, im good thanx :), not finished it though, i wanna get it, i have saved data on my wii, but im only at the goron temple, and still not very far in that
    hey, how are ya? havent talked to anyone in a long time, including you, so what going on?
    Haii Phantom xD Sorry for sending you heaps of visitor messages before, haha. I know, it's been awhile since I 've been active here too. How are you?
    I'm just watching the Majora's Mask video walkthrough, which i'm super excited about, haha. :P
    Yep I knew that lol I typed wrong I meant whats the Background behind them? I'm on the last 4th(5th?) visit to the Spirit Tower. But I preordered SS :D
    Hehe, I love your sig and avy. Btw, what game is your sig from and whats in it?
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