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Phantom Zelda
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  • You don't get on much anymore D: I see you got on today though, which is good ^.^
    How're you?
    Well, unfortunately I haven't played it. I'm hoping to get Earthbound for my birthday, and I've seen a Let's Plays of all three, but nope. Never played it.
    Yes, it is, haha :)
    Okay, i'll give you mine, it's: 1849-3732-4489 ...But i've got to warn you, i'm pretty good :P
    Haha, yeah, FF is pretty popular now, but I still like Zelda better :) For some reason, i've also been obsessed with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it's my second favourite game ^^
    dude, make a comment on my fan fic so I dont get yapped at for double posting if you could. cause I am wanting to make another chapter SOOO bad. you see, I had to write down my ideas and now I can let them FLOW!
    Final Fantasy? Cool, yeah, i've been playing Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers. It's pretty fun :) And guess what, it was only $44 haha, pretty cheap :)
    I had a chest infection and asthma, and i'm good, thanks for asking! :) What about you? Playing any new games recently?
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