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  • the 3 day cycle never bothered me, slowing down time give you around 2 and a half hours of play time but becuase i had chores or whatever i would never be able to play for that long on one go anyway, i'd restart the cycle when i learned a song so next time i could go straight to the level. it was annoying if you were waiting for something to happen at a specific time but it didn't happen or you got something wrong so had to do the entire build up all over again. i preferred the 8 dungeons over 4 but some of the dungeon build ups in MM were pretty much mini dungeons, like getting the Zora eggs or the Ikhana Castle. the transformation were good, loved the Zora form but i do prefer good ol' Link. what bugs were there? it's one of those games where the reason some people like the game is the same reason other don't.

    have a look at my comparison, will better put why i prefer OoT rather than writing a wall of text: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLaoBzj0CmY
    it's difficult to explain, it's not that i don't like the game it's just that there's something about it that doesn't click with me like other Zelda games do. i did a review comparing OoT and MM and the main thing that made OoT win was the adventure. MM didn't have the Zelda feel to it. it was very different from a regular Zelda game, which could be the reason a lot of people, maybe even yourself included, like the game so much; it tried something different. MM had it's moments where it shined over OoT but, for the most part, OoT i could play all the way through over and over again but MM i would really only replay for the side quests and the fight against Majora's Mask. out of OoT, MM, WW, TP and SS, MM would be the worse but that doesn't mean it's bad, it's just the others are better. does all that make sense?
    Good to see you playing Hero's Mode. Just to warn you Demise is annoying and just plain hard in Hero's Mode. Beat Skyward Sword again. I'm now going to play Wind Waker again, just a normal plain story quest run. Is Skyward Sword your favorite Zelda game now? Mine was Majora's Mask and then it went to Skyward Sword but very recently it went back to Majora's Mask. This is because Skyward Sword had very little to do other than main story. In Majora's Mask you can have tons of fun playing the main quest and becoming different races. This was just amazing. Playing as a Zora was the best. What's better then diving deep underwater as a guitar playing fish man in love with a fish women who lost her voice because of weird eggs she laid. Nothing that's what! But it's not just gameplay and main quest that makes it the game it is, it's the never ending and in depth side quests. Have you played Majora's Mask? If so what do you like and not like. If not than if you would get it and what looks good about it.
    started Hero Mode, seem to be getting through it quicker than last time, not just because i sort of know what i'm doing. when i had to get that statue off the bird last time, i started miles away from where the bird was and it took ages to get near, then when they started throwing eggs, i suddenly seemed to be miles away again. this time i started near it both times and finished it really quickly. and when Zelda pushes Link off the goddess statue and you have to land in the middle of the circle, it took 5 or 6 attempts last time, this time it took 2, would have been done first time but didn't press the button in time and splatted on the floor, though that one could just be because i can control the diving movements better than i could before. just about to speak to Granny, want to see if she is wearing the bracelet Zelda gave her.
    The Hylian Shield is unbreakable. So you don't have to worry about using your shield only at certain times. I guess that's why they gave it to you at the end. The trailed are the Silent Realms. I think the Silent Realms are easier because you don't have to worry about your health carrying over from the last battle. I did 100% for Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, A Link to The Past, and Twilight Princess. I was in the middle of Wind Waker when Skyward Sword came out. In the middle of it for Skyward Sword now. Did you like the side quests in Skyward Sword so far?
    think i'll be doing Hero Mode, Metroid can wait, Zelda is more awesome!
    heard there was a secret way to get into her room but didn't know what it was. If you go in there at night you can see who is taking the long baths that's stopping Karane from going in there. Seems a bit late in the game to get the Hylian Shield when you can, what's so special about it? is it unbreakable or something? not tried the other thing he gets you to do, something to do with those Trials. have you tried it? i do take my time, like to explore places and see what treasures there are to find. sounds like you're the same way. i got close to 100% on TP but not quite, i had 2 heart pieces i couldn't find but i think i got everything else. don't go for 100% very much, 100% OoT and MM, tried to 100% WW but missed a statue, getting all of them is a *****. You managed it?
    shame the levels haven't been reworked but not surprised, would probably be too much to fit on the disk. sounds like fun, wouldn't take the Heart Medallion, would kinda defeat the object of the challenge. read somewhere that bugs and treasure for upgrades carries over, that true? got loads of bugs and treasure so if it is i'll be able to make a few Health Potion++. Not sure about doing Hero mode just yet, there were a few things i was planning on doing but haven't due to SS coming out. main one was doing Metroid Prime Trilogy on Hypermode, 100% completion on all 3 games. also want to play Twilight Princess again. maybe then do Hero Mode. the side quests are really good, did most of them. only got 63 Gratitude Crystals. have you got the Hylian Shield? did some of the trials the dragon gives you but didn't do all of them for the shield. how many Goddess Cubes are there? just when i thought i had them all in an area, another one would pop up out of no-where.
    it was SUCH a good ending, when Granie had that bracelet on i actually yelled 'NO WAY' at the screen. loved Fi's little speech, she was quite robotic during the game but that speech was great. as great as the OoT ending was, SS was better. Groose started as a typical high school bully but turned into being the best character of the game. when he dove on Link going below the clouds in laughed SO much. the guy is a legend. would be good if they did a Legend of Groose as a spin off. have you tried Hero Mode?
    As great as flying around is, after a while it gets very samey. at least with Epona you have the horseback swordplay and archery to keep you entertained. is the Levais the thing and the start where you had to get the statue or is it something that i've nit got to yet? i can see what you mean by the differences in the art styles but SS is a bit TOO nice and colourful, even when i'm being told i'll be caused so much pain my ears will bleed from the sound of my own screams (which is an awesome line) the place is nice and colourful. Skyloft is a pretty place, though. One thing SS so far is lacking is the caves to explore. i'm one of those that loves exploring and i kinda miss all those nooks and crannies to investigate but there are plenty of other things to keep me busy. did the Sanctuary today and it was OK, some nice puzzles and digging through the tunnels is cool. the Ship was better. kicked the behind (*** got censored) of that evil demon thing with Groose's help. i do reviews on youtube and a while ago i compared OoT with MM and i'm really thinking about doing a TP/SS comparison. which of the other games have you played?
    the sub boss was good, he was better than the final boss for fun and challenge. though SS is better in most ways, TP just had a much darker theme and had a lot more atmosphere. So far SS has been all light and airy fairy, even when fighting that evil thing where you had to hack at its toes. there's no real sense that you're up against some evil force. plus as cool as Fi is, Midna has more personality. sure, Fi isn't supposed to have a personalty given what she is but Midna was great. SS hasn't been that difficult so far either so that's neither here nor there in the equation. what other flaws are there? which do you prefer: Epona or Loftwing? should be able to do the Sanctuary tomorrow
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