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Corrupt a wish!



you get one but it cant touch the ground
i wish i couldnt touch door nobs
Sep 10, 2008
Granted, but now you're stuck in a room without openable doors. ( doorknobs)

I wish I had loads of money I could spend on anything I wanted..

( Anyone else suprised this has gone on longer than most Zelda Threads?)

Spirit Tracks

Granted. But it takes so long you spend the next 10 years on it and miss all the good things that couldof happened in that time.

I wish My SPORE game never chashes (it did and i lost 1 hour of progress)

Spirit Tracks

Granted. But it got stuck dyed green :(.

I wish That i wish that i wish that i didnt wish (you need a mind like mine to understand wat i just said)

Spirit Tracks

Since Hazel forgot to put a wish.... I'll answer Bluelink6 wish and corrupt it!

Granted but the thread got so popular only staff members are able to post.

I wish i have Pie! Pie! Pie on rye which i'll give it to someone who will think i will die,like a guy whose name is Kai, who then says hi, then sighsand i ask why.

OMG my brothers name is Kai! im serious, his name is kai

Oh and the boots of levitatation. You put them on and they get stuck, and they turn over so ur stuck upside down.

I wish that i was a dragon (it came out at random but i do like dragons) i hav a bad idea about the corruption....and im bored so just put the worst corruption u can think of.
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