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Game Thread Canadian Mafia II - Endgame

Jun 15, 2020
I’m like 85% sure that Zinger is a jester

can someone just NK him

Rude. Here I am brightening up your game thread with fun content, and you're like "just NK him."

Jeez. Don't you have bigger problems to worry about? Like the Mafia? Of which I am not a member.


Vote: Kirino


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Well that was quite an entrance.

Are jesters actually used here?
from my experience rarely but sometimes yea

I doubt he's a jester
in any case we can just lynch him today if he claims to be a jester since it's a win/win but second best scenario is probably making a truce with them and agreeing to lynch them before -Lo at some point if we get some advantage
Jun 15, 2020
The one time prior to this game that I played a Jester, I won the game brilliantly Day 1 after fooling everyone. That was an MS Paint mafia over on NGA.

But hey, that's probably not what is happening here. Probably.


Vote: Seanzie

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
Question #5 is: This famous freeway, which connects to the United States via Windsor, Ontario and runs to the Quebec border, has a section through the centre of Toronto which at peak hours is North America's busiest highway.
the other way around, storm voted for you
Oof, nvm then I didn't take the time to let this mornings coffee set in.

How did this seem like an attempt to get Storm TKd?
I was reading into it a bit too hard. With the way Storm answered the question correctly(?) [I don't even remember now] and Ex remark seemed off to me. ( know my answer{ing} is cryptic. my mind is a bit numb from splitting wood yesterday.)

I'm split between Zing Zing and the bot Storm.

Zinger, what's with all the Awesome Jim Carry pics?

Storm, is there a reason you left your vote?


not actually Canadian
Feb 19, 2020
People tend to forget im the one people tend to be drawn toward accusing for literally anything. And to be fair Minish is probably going to survive to the end knowing my luck.
I'm hesitant to be very suspicious of anyone at the beginning, but this feels very weird to me.

I doubt Zinger is a jester, I think they just like spamming tbh
Jun 15, 2020
You mean you missed the part where I showed up and claimed to BE Jim Carrey?

I AM JIM CARREY. That is my character/role. And I couldn't be happier about it.


The random votes at the end of each post might be a role requirement, OR, perhaps more likely, I'm doing it to add a fun little level of unpredictability about my appearance in this game. Which is it?! That's for you to decide, and me to keep you guessing.

Vote: Killjoy

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