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Game Thread Canadian Mafia II - Endgame

Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
ZD Champion
Dec 2, 2012

This… is… Mafia!

Now, here is the host of this mafia game, Alex Trebek Mellow Ezlo!

Thank you everyone, and welcome.

In this game, all of you will be playing the role of somebody who is associated with Canada in some way, whether it is someone who is a Canadian citizen or someone who was born in Canada but permanently resides elsewhere.

Throughout this game, I will be asking you all a series of trivia questions that relate to Canada. These range from questions about pop culture, geography, politics, tourism, and any other general facts that I find to be interesting. You may have noticed your role PM only has a character and no other role-related information. That is because submitting answers to questions will be the key to unlocking role actions.

Now, before we begin, let’s get into some rules:

General Rules:
  • Know the basic rules of the game
  • No discussing the game with anybody outside of the game thread except in designated places (ie Mafia Chat)
  • For the most part, days will last 60 hours while nights will last 12; I will extend this if people find the nights to be too short
  • You may vote No Lynch
  • For the first day only, half majority (rounded up) is required for a lynch to occur. If this is not met, nobody will be lynched
  • All players are expected to post at least 3 times per day phase. If you are unable to meet this requirement for any reason, please PM me no later than 6 hours prior to the deadline
  • You may make one simple goodbye post after you die in the day phase immediately following your elimination from the game
  • No night posting whatsoever
  • All claims are fair game; keep in mind that characters and alignments were randed separately
  • You do not need to unvote before changing a vote
  • Votes not made in bold will not be counted; additionally, for my sake, please try to make votes/unvotes in a separate line
  • In the event of a tie, the player who received the most votes first will be the one lynched
  • All flavour will be entirely devoid of meaning
Game Specific Rules:
  • Answering a question correctly will grant you a single-shot night/day action which must be used in the soonest night/day phase
  • Answering a question incorrectly will grant you a passive ability which may be either good or bad; additionally, you will have this until it gets used once
  • You may receive an ability from answering one question per game day. You can answer more for fun if you wish, but they will not count
  • If multiple people answer a question before I get a chance to announce it has been answered, the first person to have done so will get the ability whether the answer was right or wrong
  • Answers to questions will not be posted until the end of the game day, however you will still be told whether it was correct or incorrect
  • All questions must be answered in the form of a question like on Jeopardy; in other words, if you do not use “What is”, “Who is”, etc, it will not be counted
  • Any answers must be sent to me (and funnier) via private message on the forums or on Discord
  • The number of questions posted per game day will be equal to half the number of living players (rounded down) plus 2, meaning unless there are 4 or fewer players remaining the game will never be role madness
  • To ensure everybody has a chance to answer questions, they will be spaced apart and not posted immediately one after the other
  • Difficulty level of questions has nothing to do with what kind of ability will be associated with them, as they will be random (though some are more common than others)
  • Googling is allowed, and encouraged, though keep in mind that some questions may have multiple layers to them
  • Mafia have the ability to independently answer questions as well, on top of having a permanent factional nightkill and roleblock, so answering questions as quickly as possible is strongly encouraged
  • If there is anything I did not make clear, feel free to ask any questions in thread or in private! I’ve tried to be thorough but it’s possible I missed a detail or two
So, with that out of the way, let’s Let it Ride!


Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
ZD Champion
Dec 2, 2012
It was a bright, sunny day in Canada. The western half of the province was melting under an extreme heat wave while the people of the east coast were blowing away in a tropical storm. Mellow Ezlo was sitting alone on his chesterfield in Edmonton watching Corner Gas with an Iced Capp from Timmie’s in hand and a half-eaten poutine on the table next to him (he would have finished it, but he was feeling sophonsified). During a commercial break, he saw an ad for the Jeopardy, but it made him sad because he can’t imagine that show without the late, great Alex Trebek as the host. Suddenly, Mellow Ezlo had an idea! He would gather 12 of his favourite Canadian people to play a game that would pay tribute to Alex Trebek.

All of you here are gathered to play this game. Among the 12 of you, 3 have been designated “bad guys”. One of them forgot to hold the door open for an old lady who was more than 30 metres away; one of them refrained from saying “sorry” when somebody else bumped into them in the street; and the other one did not leave his porch light on when a burglar arrived which led to the burglar stubbing his toe and receiving an apology for the inconvenience. These are unspeakable acts of hatred that cannot be tolerated.

The other 9 of you, y’all are skookums. So get out there, enjoy yourself, and give ‘er!

The Living: (12)
The Dead: (0)
  • :D

Day 1 Begins!

With 12 players alive, 7 votes are majority; at least 4 votes are required for a lynch this day. Day 1 will end Tuesday, July 13, 11:59PM MDT.
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