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Best Zelda Character!!



Best Zelda Character Would Be Link Hes The Best!! :) :yes:


Soldier for Christ!
Jan 29, 2011
I think your all silly! Mwa ha ha! No, we all have our own opinions and this is mine: Saria. She has the best character in my opinion.:D


Guru-Guru's strange son
Apr 20, 2011
Belgium, its in Europe
There are so many awesome characters in the Zelda Series. The Happy Mask Salesman is happy in a creepy way, teleports, is mysterious and when he's mad, even scary ! Malo from TP is also very strange, He's a sarcastic baby ! Ingo has a freaky mustache ! The Postman from MM dies by the moon because fleeing isn't in his schedule. Linebeck is probably the best character in PH. I love his character development. There are so many awesome and strange characters in the series ! But not all strange characters are awesome. And yes, I'm looking at you, Tingle !


Suzune Supporter
Apr 17, 2011
My favorite charcter is Sheik, even though she appears only once through-out the Zelda series, but her figure, and crypticness got me hooked on drawing her, and even starting a Fan-Fiction about the Sheikah Race. My favorite Villan this time is Demon Lord Ghirahim, his persona and his pure evil awsomeness just can't be ignored.

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