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  • What's that up in the sky? Is it a plane? A bird? No. IT'S LUIGI! Fast as the speed of light! LUIGI! Always taking flight! LUIGI! He'll save the day from evil bunnies! LUIGI! Never fear, Luigi is here!
    Oh, no, it's fine. Appology accepted! But you should atleast try ot be nice to people....
    I know what it is, but I am unable to go on there right now. Tell her my 3DS dislikes chat rooms and won't load them. (Its unfortunate, I wish chat rooms worked on this thing...)
    how dare you say what you did to Keyari. Katelynn is a wannabe troll, a flamer, and abuses the rep system. You have no right to confront her as if SHE did something wrong, when Katelynn insulted her and abused reputation. You should be happy it's only 5 days that she's gone, because what Katelynn did was terrible. So if you don't mind, lay off of my girlfriend, I don't care who you are
    WHAT? KATELYNN'S BANNED? D: I HAD NO IDEA. If she's banned, its not my fault. I didn't do anything to her. We're friends.

    And wait a second... LD? You're back? :?
    Why did you think that Keyari is the reason Kateylnn was banned, she was only saying that she doesn't like people copying my nickname from her Josie Waffles, you don't know the reason why.
    What Thareous said. "Waiatto" is Japanese for "Wyatt," which is Kybyrian's first name.
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