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About Bronies...


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Jan 31, 2010
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Quite honestly, I find it creepy. People can like what they want, but that doesn't change the fact that I find this whole obsession creepy.

Creepy? Why should this obsession be creepy? So other obsessions aren't creepy? There are so many shows/movies/comics or even games people are more obsessed about


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Jul 28, 2011
So a year ago when I started playing TF2 I kept seeing avatars of these weird ponies. I kept thinking to myself "What's so great about MLP? It's a show for little girls". After a while I looked up more information and nearly threw up in my mouth. Why would this sorry excuse for a show be popular? I watched a little clip of it and hated it. Still, I couldn't help but wonder. The show had to be doing something right if it had a cult following of grown men. I saw that I had already had The Hub on my TV from when I extended my channels and thought I might as well keep an open mind and watch the episode. It actually was kinda decent, and I couldn't get the song out of my head. I watched another and I was shocked that I was watching something I've hated all my life. A year later and I'm still watching it, not believing how good it is. The characters are all so developed and relatable that I sometimes forget they're ponies. The animations are colourful and vibrant. Whenever I'm troubled I always know that I can take solace in watching the innocence of the characters and forget my troubles. And to think, If you would have told me I'd be watching and loving MLP earluer I'd have thought that to be nonsense.
So, to all the haters, just keep an open mind. I'm not trying to shove this down anyone's throat, but just watch an episode or two. Who knows, you might like it. If you don't, then that's okay as well. Just please don't hate on things without trying them out first.
Oh, and Twilight for the win.
I havent seen much of MLP but what i have seen was quite funny and funny is universal right? a lot of the jokes would work well if they weren't ponies with voices.

However, you aren't a true bronie unless you stand by this :P


Sep 20, 2008
I honestly have no real problem with people liking My Little Pony. I personally don't like it, but that's because I have different tastes. But, just because I have different tastes doesn't mean that I should dislike/hate on yours. Unlike a majority of other people, i'm not going to bash people for following a certain fandom. Hey, if it makes you happy, it's fine. As long as you aren't using said fandom to purposefully anger/annoy others, everything should flow smoothly. :)
Jul 14, 2012
I still retain my previous comment. It's an evil show. :lol:
I admire my little ponies animation. Any show with Tara Strongs voice is good to watch for me. :lol:
Apr 15, 2012
I never really liked the show. My little sister watched it as a kid a lot and watches even now. I had a friend who use to be a Brony and he was one from the day I knew him then a little bit before we stopped talking he started hating on bronies calling the evil or what not. When he was one he would post picture after picture and make comment after comment and I think that just ruined it for me. If you never shut up about something I won't like it because it just ruins it for me.


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Aug 18, 2012
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I just can't help but thinking it's a little weird. I didn't like the show back when I was a little girl and I don't like it now.

If grown men want to watch shows about happy little ponies in pony-land that's fine by me but they don't have to plaster it across the entire internet. It's not nice. No one apart from other bronies want to read about your obsession. No need to shove it in my face. Same goes for every single other TV-show I don't watch/enjoy. I'm just not interested.


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Sep 27, 2010
I made the... fatal mistake... of watching the first episode... I WAS ONLY CURIOUS! Now I can't stop! Yesterday I sat down in my room like "Finally, a little me time!", booted up my laptop and started watching it on youtube. Dad came in about an hour later and was like, "WTF are you doing!?" I said "Oh, god! It's nothing dad, go away!". He saw me and said he'd prefer it if i watched the "other" thing he thought i was on... But yeah, i enjoy it. It's funny and the art style's pretty nice. I guess I'm a brony then.


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Jul 27, 2012
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I think older males watching My Little Pony was... unexpected! But hey, I'm not one to judge. You shouldn't recieve hate because you have different interests.

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Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
I never really liked the show. My little sister watched it as a kid a lot and watches even now. I had a friend who use to be a Brony and he was one from the day I knew him then a little bit before we stopped talking he started hating on bronies calling the evil or what not. When he was one he would post picture after picture and make comment after comment and I think that just ruined it for me. If you never shut up about something I won't like it because it just ruins it for me.

It's a good thing you're not my friend. You wouldn't be on this site. You'd SERIOUSLY hate Zelda. XD

So your friend went from brony to anti-brony? Hmm. I wonder what caused that? I haven't heard of that happening too often before – usually it's the other way around.


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Aug 17, 2012
Well, I became a Pegasister because I really like the show. A year ago I watched one of the episodes and then I was HOOKED! And I still am! It's pretty funny and the characters are pretty cool. The art style's nice too.


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Aug 22, 2011
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If you diss people for things they like then you are not worth liking yourself. Everyone has different loves and hates. After all, for all we know there could be someone out there out age that hates everything but Octonaughts. It is possible.

I get teased all the time at school for liking Zelda and Anime. But I snap back saying that I am just unique and like un-typical things.

My life experiences teach me that liking unique things is better than liking something EVERYONE likes. If you like something that everyone in the world is a fan of then you will be totally typical.

Being unique is better than being common.

As I conclusion I should say that Bronies are perfectly sane. The people that are insane are the ones that tease people for being one in a million.
Nov 26, 2008
First off, in response to the OP, I think a hugely misguided part of this issue is the assumption of the dedication of My Little Pony fans. "Bronies" are simply... male fans of the show. That is entirely the extent of it. Obviously there are people intensely involved in the fandom, but that has nothing to do with My Little Pony exclusively and is common in all fandoms. Some media seem to be more conducive to that reaction than others, but honestly I think more than that some people like to apply associations to the entertainment and its fans that are often not true.

Anyway, I am a brony. I would not describe myself as "diehard", but I am 20 and a fan of the show. I didn't use to be; though I never had any negative opinion of the show (including the old one, which I remain disinterested in even today), I pretty much decided it wasn't my thing and avoided it, until my sister convinced me to watch one episode she really liked (the one with Rarity and the Diamond Dogs), which had me hooked almost immediately.

For me it's just a really well-made, well-written, charming show. The characters are largely likable and the stories are enjoyable, and despite what Hanyou said earlier, I do think there is a degree of (admittedly simplistic) character development between episodes. The sense of humor might be simple but it's clever and to me resembles more of a G-rated version of typical internet humor (which is also simple, admit it), a fact which became more pronounced after the series began to intentionally cater to its older, male, and even blatantly 4chan audience in Season 2.

I don't see how it's unusual in any sense as people of all ages have always enjoyed well-made cartoons, and that's effectively what My Little Pony is, even if it's not your thing specifically.

The only real question I have in regards to Bronies is: Do they enjoy it on an ironic level because of how overly cutesy and very not ''masculine'' it is? Or is it legitimate enjoyment?
I've never watched anything ironically, and I don't know any other bronies who are doing this: For me and most people I know, it's just a really enjoyable show.

I hate the effect this show has had on many. It's okay if you enjoy a little girl's cartoon, but stop shoving it down our throats! It's like people are seeking attention by being fans of the show. The minute something negative is said, people start crying and try to validate their love for it, like if they're being hunted, by saying it's an "intelligent show with lots of development" etc. etc. It's a child's show, end of story. Many people enjoy shows made for children, it's nothing new. Get over yourselves people. It's like people aren't really into the show, but more into the fact that they're a fan of it. All this pushing MLP onto people's faces just makes the entire community look pathetic and desperate.

Honestly, I do not like the show or the fans' mentalities towards the show and hate it gets. The show is for kids, cool. We all watched Sesame Street as children (if you haven't, well...you haven't I guess), you don't see us defending Cookie Monster from hate (we do shower Veggie Monster with hate, though). I'm sure we watched Dora, What's the Story Wishbone, Zoom, etc...we don't grab flame shields and all that stuff.

Bronies in general just manage to make the Internet a place where I don't want to be anymore just because of how they [re]act. Doesn't mean I don't allow them to like what they like, but I'd love if they stopped talking about it in all corners of the webs. I mean, what does MLP have to do with Dead Space? What's the deal with all these ridiculous new memes that, more or less, no one knows and/or cares about? Talk about MLP in MLP related areas. Show your love back in your square, not in mine. kthx
Whether it's a good thing or not, defensiveness over a thing you enjoy is a pretty basic part of being a fan, and it's particularly understandable with fandoms like Twilight or My Little Pony where there is legitimate scorn aimed at the fandom on occasions. You cannot expect someone to receive scorn and not occasionally get a little over-defensive. Even if you're simply saying a polite and respectful criticism, you should expect a polite and respectful rebuttal.

I've never seen My Little Pony fans push it into anyone's faces... in fact I just see them talking about it a lot as (surprise!) they enjoy it. That's what people do.

my 'title' says it all
what really annoys me about it is how far a few of those ________ will go to to show their devotion to the show,and what i mean by that is a few tend to draw......inappropriate fan art to say the....most
As Darknut said, this is just Rule 34. Some fandoms are more artistic than others and will engage in fan works more directly, and sometimes that produces creepy stuff like this, but the vast majority of the fandom does not draw porn.

There is definitely a sexual aspect to it, I'll admit, as most of the characters in the show have completely human personalities and mannerisms. Particularly the internet crowds, who interact with effectively faceless personalities on a regular basis and may or may not get in romantic relationships over the internet, will overlook the physical aspect and find those personalities appealing. I'll admit to being one of them, though it doesn't extend anywhere remotely close to bestiality.

Quite honestly, I find it creepy. People can like what they want, but that doesn't change the fact that I find this whole obsession creepy.
Again, as I said "obsession" is a presumptuous statement; you are assuming the degree. And I don't understand why people liking a children's cartoon -- as many people do all the time -- is somehow creepy with this show specifically.

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