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  • Sure! Just post your request in my thread, and I will get to work! :) My thread: Ghosi's Laboratory of Creations
    Hoy Zant!! You drew those dragons yourself?! They look really good, keep up the good work!!
    Hiya Zant!
    Zant is also an awesome character, by the way, I joined both your Chancellor Cole fan group and your Zant fan group! :)

    I think that Chancellor Cole and Zant are quite similar characters, both help the main bad guy of their game to brake free!

    Hey Zant i was wondering and i see like a black kind of blue filler how did you do that to your profile tell me plz. Gracias amigo!
    Haha so for Halloween i was a caveman XD I had to say i looked good :P But let me ask you the same question what were you for Halloween?
    I'm doing just fine Zant, no need to worry!! :goron: I'm just playing a lot of Zelda games!! :zora:
    whats up bro i havnt talked to you in so long! Were you being mean to your parents thats why you got it taken away. :P anyway well thats cool how life? Schools going good for you i hope Josie missed you a lot. haha Hey halloween's coming up what do you have going on that day or laster that night?

    See you around in the forems bro peace out!!
    This was at a store but I don't know which one. Ebay sells them too. Zant is really cool :P So you know Zant; even after you killed Ganon people still like you :P
    They actually are. I found them on google. But I also have screenshots of him. But the one without his mask is so detailed.
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