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  • Okay, now, I've never used Photobucket before, so there might be a few attempts before it actually shows up.

    Is there anything that says "Direct Link?"
    Yes. That is the size maximum.

    Now of course, you can sacrifice one dimension to make another longer, but its preferred if done, that you use smaller height and more width.
    Question... that security program on your computer... does it give you access to other sites like Photobucket?

    If so, first get Random person to shorten the picture first, since it is over the limit, and then ask him to upload it to www.photobucket.com, if he has an account. There should still be a direct link given so there's a chance it might show up this way.
    Yea but didnt that girl what was her name.....o Midna yea umm...she beasted on you!! :) And yes the green boy i think hes name is Link is it not? Yea we should join forces a destroy him!!!
    I'm glad you liked the Heart Containers and the Bottles! Happy 38th birthday!
    You are welcome, both of you! (and I know what you mean about the 30 character limit)
    I'm an oldie now....38 years :( But still young at heart :P Thanks for those hearts!!!!! They worked perfect for me today!
    I want to get out of the Twilight realm. It is SO BORING!!! Everyone is so sarcastic and rude! It gets on my nerves. And the Twilight Princess! She acts so high and mighty, telling me what to do and everything...... although I guess she is the Princess...
    Hello everyone! My name is Zant. I am a Twili.
    You may respond at any time.
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