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Skull Kid
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  • I finally finished majora's mask, after haveing to do the stone temple 7 times (long story, only ask if you really want to) lol So how are you doin?
    Thanks :) Sorry I haven't responded sooner, I haven't been on these forums for some time.
    Haha thanx hope to be good friends too!!!! my top 3 favorite Zelda games are
    1.Ocarina of time
    2.Twilight Princess
    and 3.Majoras Mask/ A Link To The Past
    And i LOVE collecting Zelda items check out my zelda collection:[video=youtube;9Eoh9__w3B4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Eoh9__w3B4[/video]
    by the way what are your favorite Zelda games??
    Thanks I like your colors too. I haven't been that active lately either but I try to get on once a day. So get anything good for Christmas?
    I believe you get points for making posts, starting threads, getting rep, etc. There's nothing you "click on" to get them. ;)
    Oh, I wish I could. But I'm not great with graphic's in general. I love drawing freely with a pen or pencil. Sorry. =[
    Really? I haven't noticed. Well, nice to meet you as well.

    Actually, a few more thing's happen on ZU than on here, but I've lost interest in ZU, so that's why I'm here. =]
    Hi. Happy new year to you too. I loved 2010 but there was no new zelda :( Anyways how have you been
    Hey SK! Well...the only way you can do the filler is if you click 'edit profile' on the top of the righthand side of the screen; It's near 'my stuff'. Then, you can change the colors however you want! It takes a little bit of fine tuning, though...I would just mess with the backroud colors before moving onto text colors and stuff. Plus, if you ever want to undo anything, just click 'reset'! I hope this helps...Oh and I was an Elven Druid for Halloween. Talk to you soon,
    May the power of the Triforce be with you
    Hey Skull Kid! Great to talk to you again. Yeah...I'm homeschooled, so I don't have to go anywhere! :) Everything is great over here...I hope it's the same for you! What are you going to be for Halloween?
    Your Welcome , well , at the moment , i am playing Minish Cap . I've played every Zelda game , except for The Oracle games and Link's Aweking . See you around too.
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