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  • Hey, sorry if this sounds ********, but what's the point of the points that you earn (like the reputation stuff).
    You know, I don't think your a troll. You were just speaking the truth.
    I troll everyone? Lolwut. I got slightly annoyed at you because you decided to spit on my speculation for no reason (that's right, it's a speculation, not a theory or fan-fiction). And as for Ver-go-a-go-go, I said to gabbe that if he was going to bash Skyward Sword, he could at least learn to spell, but of course you and Durion seem to look down upon me for no reason. As for the reason behind my trolling, I tend to lash out easily when something annoys me. Problem?
    What is this ZeldaHam guys problem? Seriously, he thinks because he's a normal member he can claim that you are using your status to troll him. He trolls just about ****ing everyone.
    Okay, here it is. The snitch. All the Mafia think he's one of them, but he's in it for themselves. Every night he PMs one person with the name of one scum. The Mafia knows that there's a snitch, but non of them know. At night he still talks to the other scums, though.
    I think i have played Metroid Prime 2 or something , my video store has heaps of awesome games. Metroid is appearing to be really popular now ;)
    Hello Ver-go-a-go-go thanks for accepting my FR! I see you like Metroid.. I have only played one game though, are all the other ones good?
    I really have to hand it to you Vergo, you were right about Hanyou being the Godfather. And here I thought it would be to likely to be true. Good job! And thanks for saving my *** too...
    I can see the shoutbox :S I'm an a**hole every day there
    Yo! I need to start playing Zelda games. :/
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