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  • In fact, I just did the calculations. If Durion, Pocket Asian, PJ, and you repped me for that post, I would jump from 761 to 956 rep. That would be like... 300 rep for one post. Wow I wish you and PJ could rep me. That would be a new record, and screenshotted and posted in an album for all eternity.
    My utensils thread post is epic, is it not? :P

    I got 6 positive reps for that, and I'm well on my way to 800 rep points now. I'd be well above 800 if you and PJ were able to rep me, haha.

    I think it might be a new record. If I include you, PJ, and Pocket(who will rep me), that's 9 reps for 1 post. Durion would have repped it, but he couldn't take the thread seriously. lol
    Well I am.And i'm also gonna buy Metroid Other M on release.I'll also be getting DCKR too.I've never played the force unleased,but I might give it a try.Is it good?
    Lols, mafia game is in trouble, so few people left and so many scum are still alive! XD Your modkilling killed more mafia then all the townies! ROFL
    god, thoes were the good ol days!

    haha kinda XD except i don't get to be in the shoutbox since the sites been all changed and stuff, and plus my life has changed alot since I last been on, but now i iz back and ready to gRRRRRR! i mean.... eh .... make intelligent posts.... yah... 0=)
    :mastersword:Hi nice too meat you I am DARK MASTER I like Main zeldas and rare zeldas like the LCD games or the tingle games and much much more will you be my friend thanks.:keese:
    Well I also liked Voyager. Its a close second for me. That and TNG are really the ones that hit the interesting topics. I haven't seen all that much of Voyager, but I remember one episode where they're stuck in orbit (of course) and a civilization is rapidly progressing. First they pray to the crew, then try to shoot it down when they get anti-matter technology. Real sci-fi ****. I haven't seen hardly any enterprise, but I was really turned off to it by the little i've seen because of the cheesy '90s guitar intro music. *gag*
    But really it just isn't well done IMO. Graphics and stuff are better than TNG, etc. but they aren't used as well as TNG imo.
    You should check out my roommates web site if you're into props at all:
    I absolutely am a TNG fan.
    My roommate got me hooked about a year ago. After I'd seen a bunch of TNG episodes we started watching all the movies. I've seen 1-7 and 11 of course.
    I'm not a mega fan (can't speak clingon, haven't visited movie locations etc.) but I like to get a healthy does of star trek every now and then.
    TNG is my favorite series. Is it yours?
    Vergo! Playing l4d2! Gore on high=Yay!
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