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  • I guess not, but then again, I have a fair amount of other artists who I think only really have one good album, such as the White Stripes and Gorillaz.
    Aw, I didn't actually get any games for Christmas other than The Sims 3, clothes, manga etc.
    That sucks, why did you have to go? Were they fun anyway?
    Hey, I just noticed that you like Avenged Sevenfold =D I think they are a pretty awesome band, although I only really listen to one of their albums on a constant basis.
    Hey VembersWind! I'm back now for just about 8 days until I go back on holiday again ~ So I finally have some time to talk to people on Zelda Dungeon !!
    Anyway, I hope you had a Happy New Year. What did you get for Christmas?
    Hoy Vember's Wind!!
    I saw some of your posts, and I agree with much of it, by the way, you like Koji Kondo's music I presume, if you do you really should join my Koji Kondo group!! :D
    Here you go, sir.
    eh i wanted to lean to something different maybe my fav anime :3 PS i have 500 points to spend so phantasy star 1 or Zelda 1/2
    Hey i havent been on in for ever so i decided since im back i should get a new sigy <-> any suggestions?
    Oh no problem and your welcome! :)
    Well see ya later. I'm typically on late in the afternoon if you want to chat again,
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