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  • I knew what you meant, I probably just didn't word what I was trying to say very well. I meant that I wouldn't really wouldn't expect bands in a genre in which the vocal style like it is can auto tune, as I listen to some fairly modern metal along with older stuff. But by the sounds of it, you've heard of bands that have used it in that auto tune in that genre, which is pretty surprising. I've heard a fair amount of Rock music that is auto tuned though.
    I don't really think that you can auto tune bands that are in genre's like Metal, especially if their vocalists are like Avenged Sevenfold's. It's generally the pop area of modern music that does it, although I didn't really like a lot of it that much before I knew about Auto tuning.
    I guess that's how everything works though. I prefer older music because of all the auto tuning these days.
    I'm really sure that I replied to this...I guess the back up wiped it over, so sorry about the delay. I think I said that annoys me when bands use it and think that they are talented. I think it's ridiculous.
    I hate it. And yeah, a lot of them do xD I'm a little hypocritical, because the Gorillaz use it to great effect, but I think that's generally because they physically can't sing in the style they want to because it's more electronic, if you know what I mean by that. It's good, but only if used correctly, and not to make you sound talented.
    I think we've lost the last four or so days of this conversation. I think we were walking about how people that use auto tune to make them sound good is crappy. xD
    Yeah, Dragonforce is an example of that, they are good and Inhuman Rampage is a good album. However, I don't really feel that I need another of their albums because it would sound exactly the same.
    Yeah, that's why I think that Freddie Mercury is such an amazing man, I don't really think that there are many other vocalists that can do that with the same level of quality, if they can do it at all.
    It's mainly because he's versatile, he's like a Jack of All Trades without the King of None part. Behomian Rhapsody basically has several different genres of music throughout the song, each part Freddie sings to well.
    I think he's the best vocalist that's ever existed, Bohemian Rhapsody really shows his talent.
    Well, it's near enough. I think their first album was 1975. I only really think they were better because of Freddie Mercury, that man was incredibly versatile with his voice. I think the Beatles are among the best musicians there are, but there are better.
    I know, it's rather strange. There are bands that I would personally be able to say are better than them today. In fact, I thought Queen was better than the Beatles and they are from that time period.
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