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  • Probably because they were quite unique back then, they are still a great band, but they probably seemed much better back then.
    I think those have good songs, but I don't actually listen to them. The Beatles is overrated as well, they are great, but I don't think that they should have been as successful as they were.
    Haha, no worries.

    It depends, some big bands are great, but then others are overrated.
    It's alright, i'm sorry for not responding either ~ Haha, I think my mom would have done the same thing to me. Well I might not respond for a little while because I am going on a vacation. I know, your probably thinking "another vacation?!" But this is the first proper family vacation we have had in like 10 years ~
    You, sire. I approve of your Avenged Sevenfold-ness.
    That is all.
    Wtf...I swear I posted something a few hours ago. Anyway, I said something along the lines that there wouldn't be much point recommending a big band to you because you'd probably already know about it. =P
    Sorry, I was forced to come off of my computer. =\ I never heard of them until Hanyou sent me a list of songs he thought we good, and I really enjoy their music.
    They're pretty good, my personal favourite songs are Sacred Worlds, Mirror Mirror and Tanelorn. They're a German Power Metal band.
    Sorry for the late reply again. I really like Blind Guardian because their music is nice and fast though, ever listen to them?
    Ah, I'd dislike that album. I'm not exactly a big fan of slower music, I generally prefer it have at least an average pace. There are certain bands/songs that I do like though, November Rain and Don't Cry are both good.
    I've only got Appetite for Destruction and Greatest Hits, so the style doesn't really change, so I'm not sure what the songs on that album are like. =\ Sorry for the late reply to.
    Haha. xD I've got the Fire ablum only because of two songs, but I can listen to a few more on there, but other than that, they aren't that great. Generally, I like to try and be able to listen to all of my favourite bands songs (but even that can be hard, as they all generally create on song I don't really like that much).
    Yeah, I do agree. One example is that most people over here will say that the Fire by Electric Six is better than any other album, even if they barely listen to most of the songs on it because of Gay Bar and Danger! Danger!.
    I guess it's whatever your tastes are really. I may think that some bands only have one good album but others thing they'll have more.
    I've only ever seen a few bands do that. Iron Maiden, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blind Guardian are probably the only bands I know who have managed to create more than one album at their highest level, well, in my opinion anyway.
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