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  • The user who returns after so long is a bold one.

    The user who returns and makes amazing posts is a great one.
    Hello there Tyeforce!:wave: I don't know you on the forums but I noticed it was your birthday.^^ So...................

    Happy 20th!
    Hope you have a great day!

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    The rep was adjusted. I saw looking at that and was curious as to why there was negative rep for a good post and a comment that was not negative at all. Also, Ember, please do not sign your resp. They are suppose to be anonymous.
    Don't get mad at me.... I was trying to give you REP for a post and after I gave it to you, it gave the deREP message. Don't worry, I can try asking a mod to reverse it. Sorry!
    If I had the thread I would have the videos now would I? I looked through two pages of results and could not find it, but for sure all five videos are on this forum somewere.
    No, it is a 100% fan listing. I am not sure what the order is, but this is what I remember.
    MC - FS - FSA - OoT
    A= TWW - PH - ST
    B= MM - TP - ALttP - LoZ - LA - AoL

    Although I do not agree, it is really plausable. It does not go like that, but that is what I remember and my memory may decieve me. But for sure it is 42 minutes long. I was shocked too. The first four were 10 minutes, that last was 2 minutes.
    I would have to look through the archives, but i can tell you this. All five videos are in one post. The topic is not about the videos. The topic is timeline, and the topic was created after or while I joined. I am alittle to lazy to search right now. =P
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