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  • I'll have to look through the huge pile of cards I have, but I believe I have him. And yes, Blue-Eyes is my favorite.
    The Blue-Eyes White Dragon. One more and I have all of the ones I need to summon Ultimate.
    Yeah, it doesn't have the same feel to it. I still play the card game, still looking for that last Blue-Eyes.
    Neat! I'd like to cosplay, but I don't really have the money to. I haven't gotten any presents yet- I had to work today, so all my family stuff is tomorrow.
    Oh... A VII remake...? I hope they don't, because then I'd have to buy and replay it. ._. lol

    I really liked Pets. There was so much customization with the pets and they were so cute. =p In the first Sims- my favorite there would probably be the Vacation one. Making hotels was always great fun. Do you know if Sims 2 or 3 has something similar? Actually, to be honest, my favorite part of all Sims is just building the places. Playing is ok, but building new places is what I enjoyed. I guess that's another reason I didn't like 3 as much- there was an already built town, and you couldn't go into or edit those buildings. But, looking back, I'm starting to not dislike it as much. It's like real life. There are just some places you cannot change, so get over it. xD

    So, do you still prefer TS2 over 3? What was your favorite expansion? I must admit I didn't get all of them.

    Do you know a good site I can watch Code Geass on? Or did you watch on DVD? Since I'm done with SAO now, I have some time for a new anime. =p

    LOL, do you usually prefer effeminate men in anime? I'm just curious because I have a friend who does... a lot. :p

    Actually, I liked Darren and Serena's relationship, too (and had the biggest crush on Tuxedo Mask)... until I rewatched it later in life. He's such a jerk. xD

    And, yes! Zoids was a toonnami thing. I remember being 12 or so, and waking up at 4 in the morning to catch the episode, and running back to sleep before my parents knew I was up. It's really pretty cool, and if you liked Gundam, you'll probably like this. The first season/series of it was about groups of people who competed in animalmech team-fighting battles. The main character, Bit Cloud, (I haven't seen this show in forever, I'm surprised I remember his name, or the name of his Zoid) who obtained a special Zoid, called the Liger Zero. As far as I remember, his Zoid was the only one that could equip new armor to get new skills and adjust to the battle- so it could don light armor and be a speedy striker, or it could be a tank of sorts and shoot huge missiles.
    Its original state looked like this:
    I had the toy of that, a raptor that belonged to one of the other main characters, a girl and Bit's love interest though I can't remember her name. And Henry's (I think his name was Henry) Triceratops. I also had a big yellow one that I actually assembled myself- it had gears and stuff so once it was built it could walk.

    There was another series/season of Zoids that I watched that had a character named Van whose rival was a guy called Raven. They both had... I guess I would call them baby Zoids that they protected and that would enter and enhance the Zoids they piloted. The premise of that show was a war, and Raven was trying to get Van's baby Zoid for the military. (I think)

    Anyway, they were both pretty good, and I remember liking them a lot.

    As for MTG, I'm not sure when it's going to be released. I checked the spoilers today, and they've only released 15, so not for at least a month.
    Also! About why I stopped with Magic-

    The last block (Innistrad), really had no interest to me at all, and the game is expensive. I didn't really want to rework my deck to play in a block that I didn't like. The current block is exciting lore wise, but I'm waiting to see what cards they come out with for my colors before I decide whether to get back into it. (I like Green/Blue, which comes out next set). I like Red/Blue, too, but not enough to get back into the game for.
    Are they planning to remake Crisis Core? I'd not heard of it. Hmm... I guess I don't really care either way. The game was awesome on the PSP and looked beautiful... I guess if I had to be completely honest, I don't want a remake so soon. I'd rather they wait awhile to do a remake of it. Or, if they do, maybe only make it an HD remake and sell it on the Playstation store like they did for Okami.

    I have not. Actually, the furthest I've gotten in the Sims Series is the Late Night expansion (?) My computer isn't super great, so I don't like to put too much on it. Actually, when I first started playing Sims 3, I got annoyed because it wasn't like Sims or Sims 2... but after playing Sims 2 for awhile, I desperately miss playing Sims 3, so I'll need to uninstall Sims 2 and put Sims 3 back on my computer, haha. Having the Sims take care of themselves when you're not playing with them is a fantastic feature that I completely took for granted. Now, the Sims 2 moves too slowly for me, since one needs to develop every family by hand.

    You should definitely pick up the HD remakes of both Shadow of the Colossus (which comes with Ico... I have both of the originals, and I want to get both the HDs, but I don't really have much money to spend on video games right now) and Okami. I think Okami HD is on the Playstation store for $20 or something? And it's totally worth it if you have an HD TV because it. Is. Beautiful! ._.

    You know- I want to like Code Geass, but I just cannot take it seriously. I look at it and think - well, Gundam and Deathnote had a baby! How funny! But I love the animation, and Lelouche is my favorite kind of main character. I've seen whatever's on the first two DVDs.

    Funny thing about Cowboy Bebop - I was called "Ed" in high school because of my short red hair, androgonous style of dress, and gamer/computer geek nature. =p I don't think there was a single character in Cowboy Bebop that I disliked. I loved the futuristic yet jazzy feel of the entire series. My favorite episode is the Mushroom one, and my favorite song is Cats on Mars, which I usually forget about until I'm feeling nervous, which I start to whistle it to return to a calm state.

    Sailor Moon! <3 My first anime. I'll always remember it fondly. I remember thinking that Serena was so mature when I was little, and wanting to be like her... but I realize rewatching it she was only mature sometimes. Most of the time she was just a goof.

    Have you ever seen Zoids? That's another old favorite of mine. I haven't seen it in a long time.
    I don't really keep up with the FF fighting games. I played the first one a little. It was ok, but not really my cup of tea. My friend likes them a lot, and most of the games you listed. Maybe I can get him to come here, lol.

    XII was alright. I would really like it for a little while... lose interest... get really into it again... and lose interest. Eventually, it got to the point where I didn't know where to go because I'd forgotten the plot, so I stopped playing. =/ I'm not really sure how close I was to getting to the end. xD

    Of the FF VII Spin-Offs, the only one I liked was Crisis Core. It was like Kingdom Hearts. ^^

    Did you play Crystal Chronicles at all?

    Dat list! I play Final Fantasy, Sims, Mario, SSBB (Do you play Project M?) and of course Zelda. I've played a little DMC and Resident Evil, but those games aren't really ones I'm into. And I've watched all of Metal Gear. Those are flippin' sweet! I don't own them though.

    My personal favorites are Oblivion, Team Fortress 2, Shadow of the Colossus, .hack series (other than the ones above). Aside from video games, I used to play Magic: The Gathering pretty extensively. I still play it commander style (although my deck needs a tune up since its staple card got banned...so sad :( ) and I might get back into standard when the next set releases.

    And I used to watch a ton of anime. I still watch some- Sword Art Online and Eden of the East recently, but I don't watch it nearly as much as I used to. What anime do you like? My favorites are Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, FMA: Brotherhood, Gurren Lagann, Ouran High School Host Club. There are others that I just can't think of right now. :p
    I've only seen the good/perfect ending. I actually had to look them up, because I'd only seen "one". Yuna was still my healer, but she healed with free, infinite potions that she could "cast" (can't remember the name, but the potion usually heals 1000hp to all party members, but since I leveled her so her potion abilities were doubled, they gave 2000hp to all party members). I also gave Yuna the item that absorbs all types of magical damage, I gave Rikku the one that absorbed Thunder and whichever its pair was, and Payne the item that was the opposite of Rikku's.

    As for the manga... I'm pretty sure season 0 had some elements of the first season. I can't remember for sure, though. It's been a long time.

    Also, I don't know when KH3 comes out but I'm hoping it will on the PS3 or even the WiiU. I don't really want to get into the next generation of consoles, but the WiiU is probably the only one I'd get if I chose to.

    No XII? Although, I'm not surprised, since XII was so different than the other Final Fantasies. I never played XIII, and only the very beginning of XIII-2. Didn't really like them. I prefer more party customization- which I can't really say I saw in those.

    I am surprised that I don't see VII on there. :P
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