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  • Oh yes Vincent and the Doctor was so good! I loved the message Vincent left behind for Amy at the end of the story. I really enjoyed that one. Another GREAT but creepy story is The Empty Child. It is a double episode what continues with the Doctor dances (season 1). You should watch that! It is very creepy but has a great ending.
    Van Gogh's life was a sad life. He could have lived longer if people would have known about depression at that time. Do you have a fav Doctor yet? I don't really have one yet. I think all three of them have something unique
    You should watch it!! I just finished season one and have started season two of the new series (2005) and it is so amazing. It has many good quotes. What did you think of it? Did you like it?
    Hello person, you friended me and we haven't said a thing since!

    Btw, Midna is one of favorite "sidekicks" of Link's. c: her and Fi. haha
    Hello random user! I'm King DARK MASTER.....And I'd like to tell you I personally enjoy the, "Rare," part of your name.
    Hi there~ Since it's your Birthday, you get a card~! :zelda: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!

    Hey Rare Addict, welcome to Zelda Dungeon forums (sorry if i am a bit late) hope you have an awesome time here:)
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