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  • How ya doin'? XD
    Not much, had soccer, then had too go to school to get my uniform and get registered. Huuhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (sigh)
    Oh yes it is always hilarious how the portray the americans. Like they are all the same. I actually like the Daleks. They are so evil but have such funny looks. You will see more of them in the future ;) Oh I love these mysterious episodes. There are a lot of scary/creepy episodes like the weeping angels. That was really creepy and scary. They are making a comeback in the near future too. Season 7 will have them in it again. Oh I cannot stop watching the show either. I keep on watching the episodes and then i wonder myself why I can't stop :lol:
    I LOVED how he pointed to the flame on the drawing. Suddenly his hand was stretched and pointed to the flame but it makes me wonder if he created it himself. Because if Cloe would hav edone it the flame would have disappeared I assume
    Yes Tennant only lasted three seasons. He stopped in 2008 but because the upcoming years only showed Christmas specials with him and no seasons it seemed like he lasted longer. Season 5 started in 2011. I saw some very creepy episodes yesterday! You should watch them if you can. It is Season 2 about the Devil. It is creepy and Fear her is pretty creepy too.
    I agree! Ecclestone was very, very good. I liked his Doctor and am certain he would have become a legendary doctor if he stayed on the show longer. Smith is doing really well and the Doctor seems to fit him. I hope he stays around longer than Tennant because it would be sad to see him leave after 3 seasons as well. Tennant is the fan fav but Smith is really growing on me as the Doctor too. He is hilarious and silly but at the same time very wise.
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