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  • Hmm... Okay, well I dunno if I have the willpower to get the game, sorry. Perhaps sometime in the future. Anyway, are they still making new Mother games?
    Finally, a 10 year old who knows that the shows today suck! I'm almost 17 but I'm sorry that you couldn't grow up with the awesome shows as much as I did.
    Yeah, I might try Mother 3. I have never played any game from the Earth Bound series actually. What system is Mother 3 on? :?
    :D Nice to see another proud Nintendo fan! Yeah, ever since I was 5 (when I got my first GBC and a Pokémon game) I've been playing only Nintendo's games on Nintendo's systems. I've never thought series such as Halo, WoW or CoD were very interesting. Hahah! :lol: Basically the game series I've been playing in my life are Pokémon, Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Kid Icarus, Smash Bros and a wee bit Metroid. :)
    Mother 3 is a sad game for me personally. I didn't actually play it, but I enjoy watching Let's Plays on youtube of games i don't have, or can't get. if you ever get stuck, i recommend chuggaaconroy of youtube.
    i noticed you two are an Earthbound Fan. have you played the other mother/earthbound games?
    Yeah! But, I like it when she's holding Odin's weapon. It makes her look so cool! :D I can't wait for XIII-2! Hey, are you going to watch it on a stream when it comes out in December for Japan?
    I think so. It looks more of a "bow and arrow" type of weapon though. Oh, and don't forget about her sword too. Wait? She has two weapons? :eek:
    Just because she went into crystal stasis doesn't mean she's dead, Kemp. At least that's what I'm assuming. There's suppose to be multiple endings for XIII-2, so maybe one of those endings will have Fang and Vanille waking up from the pillar and rejoining the party again. Who knows? I can't wait to play the game though. And yeah, I know those two will be playable, but the rest of the cast is suppose to make "guest appearances" too. By the way do you like Noel?

    Well, I wasn't really shocked. I was sort of confused because I read the novel and it didn't seem like she died. :S
    Hi! I checked my email and I saw your message. You like Fang too?! Yay!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. She was awesome in XIII and I really hope she comes back for part 2. Did you see the footage they showed at E3 of "Lightning & Odin vs Bahamut"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_ez3K0GgqE

    Can't wait!
    hey i know you don't know me but check out the starfox group and the new discussion i put in there's funny vids
    Hey Kemp, thanks for joining the Starfox group! If you need anything, just ask!
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