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  • srry ppl i have basically forgotten all about ZD for a while
    it didn't help to be busy all the time and watch the Ben majoras mask horror story that made me scared of zelda for a while
    anyway i should be back here and back posting
    I don't know if you got it or not, but I meant "you don't see me get games like..." and I don't know. Probably, and I'll also most likely skip Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty.
    I'm not much of a military-style game person, so you see me get stuff like COD or Battlefield Bad Company, or even Uncharted.
    I just got R&C CiT, and it is awesome! I'm not that far into the game, but I can safely say that I like playing as Ratchet better, if only because of the HoverBoots.
    Yeah, I log on, check to see if any of my friends are on, and then I see 'Celticlsly is playing Call of Duty: Black Ops in the (insert area here)'
    Thanks! It was better than all the other default pics, so... Yeah! I may not be able to get on until Friday, since... there's some stuff.
    I'm taking a break from the game, but PM me anytime if you want to meet, although I don't log onto ZD much either.
    Haha, right! I just got back from school (We take Physics this year!), so... Don't expect my usual stuff. Or expect it. I don't really know what'll pop out of my over-lecture'd head...
    Hey Big Green! I am back to the forums and wondering if you still play POTCO and if you would like to meet up sometime.
    Sure, go ahead. But I'm not always online. Just say who you are in the friend request.
    Yeah, I'll add you when I can. I don't og on my PS3 too often in the summer, and since school is just starting, I probably won't be on all too much. I haven't checked the Zelda R.P. yet, but I think you might be forgetting to post...
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