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  • Thanks. I really never expected to go 12-0 at the beginning of the season, but it feels great knowing that we did. Auburn just had a rough season; it's hard to be consistently good, especially in the SEC. Bleacher Report? No, I'm not.
    I didn't see the ND game either because of Homecoming, but I heard they did very well and based on the highlights and stats, that's true. My parents recorded the game, so I might watch it today.
    Yeah, probably. :bleh: LSU is, of course, great again this year.

    ND plays Michigan at home this week. It should be interesting; Michigan always gives us trouble, but I definitely think we have the better squad this year. Sadly, though, I won't be able to watch it because of Homecoming. :/
    ND wasn't bad. They definitely weren't as good as last week, but they sure pulled it out - I liked the decision to put Rees in there at the end.

    That sucks about Auburn. (They should've scheduled Savannah State. :bleh:)
    I was watching the game a bit earlier. Didn't look good for either team, but then Mississippi State started doing well. :/ 7-3 isn't too bad though, nothing Auburn can't come back from.

    I've been watching the Ohio State game too. Central Florida had the game tied at 10, but OSU got a TD before halftime. :/ I hope UCF can come back in the second half, as well.
    It sure was an awesome game! And I was surprised at our backfield's performance, as well, especially considering the suspension of Cierre Wood, our would-be starting RB.

    Also, that sucks about Auburn. But Clemson is a really good team.
    I'll definitely watch Bama-Michigan. I didn't know Auburn and Clemson are playing, though; I'll try to catch that one, too.
    yes I have. When I went several years ago I was a vegetarian so I didn't get to enjoy what they're famous for. however, I have heard very good things about that restaurant:) Gold Star Chili is also from Cincy
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