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  • Thanks. It seems like alot of people have SS avatars. And I really like Ghirahim, and I think that SS will be a really fun game, though it's taking a while to release.
    Yeah it is Inuyasha have you ever heard of him before. The animes I watch are Inuyasha, Death Note, Naruto, and a little bit of Bleach but I watched Pokemon when I was 5
    I don't plan on gettin the 3ds. If I want to play a 3ds game really bad I'll borrow it from one of my friends. I'm more of a controller type gamer. The only good 3ds games that I want are Ocarina of Time and Kid Icarus
    Yeah I'm exited about Sly 4 since I just beat Sly 3 last week. I really exited about Assassin's Creed since I beat all three games and of course I'm exited about Skyward Sword:D. What about you?
    If I remember that's the Raccoon-looking 1 correct. It's a classic and 1 newer fams will enjoy and older fans will have the nostalgia.
    I'm trying to collect all the American released LoZ games and all I have left is OoA and SwS when it's released.
    I've actually heard SwS might be released in August.

    Although I still think the actual release is in November.
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