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  • Yeah. Alot of people have gotten it, but not me. I don't have enough money yet. I should have enough by mid-April. Have you gotten it yet?
    Yes, I got it the day it came out while I was in New York City! I think it's FANTASTIC! The 3D is subtle yet it adds lots of definition to the games, making it much more realistic. It's not like, popping out at you or anything. The built-in software's great; you can use the Augmented Reality (AR) cards to make it look like Samus, Mario, Pikmin, Kirby, your Miis, or even Link is right there in the room! I bought the new Nintendogs + Cats game and I highly recommend it!
    :) Ahoy MasterSword10, well I did buy a blue 3DS on the 25th, however, I didn't buy any games to play on it. You see, I'm waiting for OoT3D (<- link to group)!
    Anyway, there are some really fun stuff you can do with the 3DS without a game, for example, there is the Mii creator (similar to Nintendo Wii's Mii Channel), you can take photos and record sounds, and there are two 3D mini games in which you use the 3D camera and the some other really interesting stuff!
    The 3DS is definitely worth buying, I've had a lot of fun with it even though I have no games yet, so yeah, I really do recommend you to buy one, you certainly won't regret it later!
    And that's about it, I hope I helped! :D
    I'm going to New York City for spring break and I'm going to the midnight launch! I'm so excited, and I'm going to make lots of YouTube videos of me there and the 3DS stuff!
    I'm doing great, and you?!
    But I was wondering, would you recommend Mario Sports Mix? I would like to hear some thoughts from some owners of the game. :D
    Well I don't actually own the game, yet, do you recommend it?! I would like to hear some thoughts from some owners of the game. :)
    Zelda 2...that one's so hard! I have it for the NES (I'm only 14 but my friend gave me one a few years ago) but then I decided to preserve my NES for future generations (aka my kid and preserving it under my bed in a Ziploc) so I bought it on my Wii Virtual Console.
    Never played NES I was born after that and I never got around to getting one with all these new games coming out.
    Good that life's good! Good for me, too. I'm actually playing Twilight Princess right now (When I wrote this at least) and I had to come on ZD to get a map of Hyrule Field cuz I'm lost! Heehee talk soon!
    Hey. I've been prettyt inactive on the site, but I plan to be more active from now on.
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